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  1. Perhaps better to train a model that is outside of openai's closed ecosystem like the current thing that's beating GPT4 with data it's capable of understanding and is also open source: MPT-7B-StoryWriter or one of its base models? This could actually be taught proper code inside a model and then the model can be shared.
  2. Please help. I've tried resurrecting an old 2017 file that transforms an ICS file into HTML and wanted to add some extra functionality. Basically I have data: - name of event (#x) - duration of event (using datetime manipulation plugin i substract unix start from unix end of event times) I wanted to add the functionality to "add number to existing number if {#x} exists in list" ... or in human terms, I wanted to calculate how much time events of that specific name took Example: Event YYYYYYY is 10 times in the list, 4 hours, so I wanted to get 40 hours. First I found out t
  3. It appears to be learning. I put 150 lines into a new discussion and it now answers with: Yes, I can understand this code. It appears to be written in UBot Studio, a visual scripting language used for web automation and web scraping. The code is primarily designed to process an ICS calendar file, generate an HTML table with calendar events organized by month, and save the output to an HTML file.
  4. can you write code in this specific language? ------------------------------------ As an AI language model, I can certainly help you write code in this web automation language. Let's start by understanding your requirements or the specific task you want to automate. Please provide a description of the task, and I will try to write a script for you. ------------------------------------- i want code in this specific language to go to google.com, fill the search field with the word shaniqua and then click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button. After that buttom is clicked, i want
  5. Interestingly enough, GPT4 can identify what the code does. Example: This code appears to be a script for a web automation tool, possibly using a tool like iMacros or a similar automation language. The script is designed to interact with the "xxxxxxxxxx" and "Audible" websites to automate the process of searching, scraping, and uploading data for audiobooks. Here is a brief overview of the script: It defines several UI buttons to execute various functions, like wiping data, logging into xxxxxxxxxx, searching for a book, and scraping data from the websites. The script logs into
  6. It understands it as vb.net code Try and teach it in one chat instance, where it has permanence.
  7. Uh, have we not been on ubot studio 6 since 2018? It's like version 6.7 and this was working fine a year ago. I've been using ubot since 2011. Why was this changed? Does current version of ubot have another logic for variables that I missed? Do I need to do it inside a thread which I presume it's now default optimized for? Also: Ticket system did not let me log in, did not send me an email when i requested to reset my password. Somehow I managed to open a ticket without an account, but I did not get a ticket number after submission, nor an email back. So I don't even know if it
  8. Hi. As the topic says I noticed that all the set commands now default to local instead of global. Is there any way to change this back to how it was? Thank you so much!
  9. So, dev user, I can write and understand ubot pretty well. I've been using a particular code that works ... fine ... until it suddenly doesn't. Nothing special, just some form filling, that suddenly stops working. After a restart, it works again. I've tried the 5.xx builds that are lauded as stable, same issue. Newest build, same issue. Is there some sort of debug that I can submit to the developers or is this just a "it mostly works" issue?
  10. Thank you so much for this.
  11. Hi there. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get like current date in a specific format? I have the datetime manipulation plugin, but it has incorrect output. Example, i want an "M" which would say Jul Any way to make this? Javascript? Thanks!
  12. Hi. Every time i open a ubot file has has "verify image libraries" and "get image dimensions" When I run "verify image libraries" i get "The given key was not present in the dictionary filename --> --> run command" I have to delete it and readd it, and then it works. If I try to run the "get image dimensions" function, it throws the same error. I have to delete it, readd it, then it works.
  13. Ah, shell doesn't work but shell batch does. Interesting.
  14. Hi there. I seem to have come to a bit of a snag... I have a directory S:\OneDrive\Documents\Websites\xxx In this directory there is a file called convert.exe (imagemagick) that I want to run The command is convert.exe slika.jpg -extent 1200x1200 slikaCROP.jpg If I run this in cmd, it works. But if I run it in ubot studio, it doesn't shell("S:\\OneDrive\\Documents\\Websites\\testnastran.dev.cc\\convert.exe slika.jpg -extent 1200x1200 slikaCROP.jpg") Please help!
  15. This is op. Lemme plug into this topic with my normal account. Btw in case anyone else wants the code that works in 6.1.x, i just hardcoded individual "item to list", then looped a bunch of times and added a random list item to list. clear list(%kljucne) clear list(%listToShuffle) add item to list(%listToShuffle,"#memes","Don\'t Delete","Global") add item to list(%listToShuffle,"#meme","Don\'t Delete","Global") ... add item to list(%listToShuffle,"#humor","Don\'t Delete","Global") add item to list(%listToShuffle,"#humour","Don\'t Delete","Global") loop(100) {
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