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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I Downloaded and installed ReCaptcha V3 PlugIn and made all good (I think) But always when I'm changing recaptcha-token and clicking confirm it says that captcha is bad. Using 2captcha. Page Source code: https://pastebin.com/tfT9Xzhw If someone can set up the code for this page offset or help me by discord or skype...
  2. Hello, i am working on a cryptocurrency trading calculator, and because the tradings are based on bitcoin it has to manipulate 8 decimal numbers ex: 0.00000222 The problem is that when the bot is doing some math calculations it converts this numbers to exponential numbers and then does not recognize them as numbers anymore but as strings. How can i stop the bot transform the numbers from decimal to exponential ex: 0.00000222 to 2.22E-06
  3. http://content.screencast.com/users/r0dvan/folders/Snagit/media/8840781a-3c2b-497d-8ad8-ab11c4240e47/10.04.2016-18.29.png I have something very fucking juicy for you Marketer, stop wasting money on shitty descriptions and titles that won’t help to increase your CTR, clicks, conversions and more. Make sure to know how the biggest of biggest are doing their campaigns so you don’t fuck around with your wallet. Save some time, save energy, cut the shit out, buy this and put it on working on your server. In case you don’t know how to install, I might offer you 10 min support to make it work on yo
  4. Hi folks, does anyone know why the Chrome Browser always throws a WARNING "downloaded file is potientieally harmful" when: - downloading a compiled bot from an http ressource (download from a server or website)? - downloading a compiled installer .exe script from an http ressource (download from a server or website)? It looks like this: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-daarKD9UaMg/TZtdGDuxx3I/AAAAAAAC22k/4j6y3nM3MtE/s1600/warning.png I hope there is some kind of " work a round". Because it scares end users off to buy and use the software. Thanks for any backup on this.
  5. Hi Guys I just have a question. Is there any way that I can convert Ubot code to VB script or is there a PLUGIN or software that i can use to convert my script. Or do you guys have any suggestion regarding this! Thank you very much Regards Verno
  6. Can I start ubot script with parameters. How it's possible in zennoposter. For example zenno .bat: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ZennoLab\ZennoPoster Pro\Progs\TasksRunner.exe" -o StartTask -ids 611436ba-69ed-462e-b9e5-fd916ef25d9c
  7. Hi, Im currently building a large bot and i have reached the stage that i can hardly do anything, what i mean is that the lag has become ridiculous, im waiting around 20-30 seconds before anything visually is happening, an i have i7 32GBRam so this never happens really, anyway, Ive been reading alot about using external scripts to make the main bot lightweight, no problems there, easy enough to implement and indeed the lag has completely gone and a pleasure to work with again, ok, so now ive just discovered that i can not use "in new browser" when using an encrypted external script .
  8. Does anyone know if there is an easy way to convert ubot code into php? I would like to include some script into a website but wasn't sure exactly this would work or if possible. Does anyone have any ideas or experience?
  9. why i get script error access to the patch data_0 and cannot create temp etc..
  10. As the headline says I need to run a script every 5 minutes. Do I create an endless loop with a wait command that runs the script every 5 minutes, or is there some other way that is more preferred?
  11. i want to post in Facebook Group but my capture code is not working i have Balance $2.25 FacebookGroupPost.ubot
  12. Hello sir, I want help to make a script for Google Group Post reply check 1) I will make a script for Google Group post , where i post my Question. 2) Now i want to make a bot like this, if there any user reply me on my Google Group post then and then only that url Extract and give me Output other url will be neglect I attch my .ubot File and also one post of my google Group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/comp.lang.java.programmer/A791iVdvx3I http://screencast.com/t/tho58p2lh Google Group Reply check.ubot
  13. Hello Uboters, I can start with play like this: <button data-theme="b" onclick="ubot.runScript('run()')">Analyse starten</button> My Question can i start a script in other tab with html button? "ubot.runScript('Script1()')"??
  14. I have a table with 50 rows (a screencap of part of it is below). I have another csv file that states how many visits a writer averages on his/her posts. Basically I need to set a variable called #rate that will correspond to the range that the person falls under. For instance, if the person averages 200 visits per post, then #rate will equal $1.50. I need it to loop through a csv of users to calculate each one and add them all to a new list. I'm not sure how to go about it without manually setting each range as a separate if statement, and I feel like there must be a smarter and easier w
  15. I have a bot that needs to scrape the seconds (#s), minutes (#m) or hours (#h) that is listed on the first 15 search results. It just won't save the times properly at all-I can't get them separated into separate rows or do a replace to add in commas or anything. I'm very stuck-what am I doing wrong? Here is my code: clear list(%search term) clear list(%times) navigate("https://twitter.com/search-home", "Wait") type text(<id="search-home-input">, "puppy", "Standard") click(<class="button btn primary-btn submit selected search-btn">, "Left Click", "No") wait for element(<titl
  16. I need automation script for Google Ыervice. If you are expert in UBot -> PM and I will send you detailed description. Thanks!
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