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  1. Ja ich brauche aber später eine ausgabe in Html im Browser das geht dann auch nicht? Oder täusche ich mich?
  2. Hello Uboters.. I want some browser actions in background.. i set it with the command into invisible but i see what the browser doing?? Its a buck or something wrong?
  3. Nice Thanks.. Can i start Multi scripts together with one button?
  4. Hello Uboters, I can start with play like this: <button data-theme="b" onclick="ubot.runScript('run()')">Analyse starten</button> My Question can i start a script in other tab with html button? "ubot.runScript('Script1()')"??
  5. Thx my bot work good ^^ If somebody need wisph me..
  6. Hi hO Uboter´s Would simply filter out the google ranking of the innerText. in which case position Big 2, where I can now filter out? From Google: <onmousedown="return rwt(this,'','','','2','AFQjCNG8_Z2KLa8dBHF9zh0sa9gj6bwp5Q','','0CGsQFjAB',null,event)"> At the bot: <onmousedown="return rwt(this,\'\',\'\',\'\',\'*\',\'*\',\'\',\'*\',null,event) + Wildcard Use the: innertext My Bot: clear list(%toponlinespiele) ui block text("Keyworts:", #keys) navigate("http://www.google.de", "Wait") type text(<name="q">, #keys, "Standard") click(<name="btnK">,
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