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  1. HI all, rather than using Ubot to perform the clicks etc needed to make a post on Facebook I decided to go doen the route of using Facebooks API (what a nightmare compared to Twitter's api) Anyway I now have an approved facebook app that has the correct permissions (had to jump through hoops to get this far) Ok so onto the Ubot Studio part. I am using Apichai Facebook plugin which works fine using my own Facebook User Access Token. The problem comes when you want to use the Facebook App as another Facebook User you can't, which really sucks If I create a temp 60 day User Access Tok
  2. Hey, I'm new to UBot and I'd like to automate writing (or sharing) to Facebook Groups. It works pretty good unless the fact, that I'm unable to write in multiple lines. Whenever I have a new line it just writes the last line but not the ones before. Example: It should write 1. Test 2. 3. Test2 Outcome: 3. Test2 Thats all. It seem to have the empty line too but I'm not quiet sure it does. At least the row "3. Test2" appears in the second row. Any Ideas on how to solve that issue? Kind regards, Chris
  3. Hi , i search a good intelligent chatbot for facebook. Does anyone have something like that or can he recommend something to me? Thanks in advance
  4. Ok guys i have been working on a few projects and decided to mimic facebook blaster pro software. I really enjoy the help and networking in this community so i decided to give out a free beta version of this facebook bot. It is not completely finished but it will be this month. As of right now it is a simple facebook message sender bot... Uses a random delay of 10-25 seconds to avoid ban built in blacklist headless scraps all your facebook friends very quickly uses spintax { | } to send out unique messages So its pretty basic, nothing super fancy at the moment. I only ask in return that
  5. Hey all, So I'm pretty new to this stuff, and am doing a lot of Marketing for a place I work at. Currently, I'm trying to take a whole lot of Facebook Id's I collected with the Advanced Facebook Plugin, and turn them into the @facebook.com emails. I started to with the physical browser and the email collector that's provided but it would seem facebook didn't like that. So I'm trying to figure how to go about this now without it. I've tried the Get User with lists but it keeps tripping an error saying the URI string is too long. And even when I use a single Id with it it doesn't provide the em
  6. Hello all, i am trying to write a digg.com bot, but have run into this authorization window problem. this is in ubot what is below: i navigate to digg.com>> then submit url (http://digg.com/submit)>>then i populate the url box to submit>> then it wants me authorize Twitter or FB (https://api.twitter.com/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=kwo5sAAAAAAAAT8AAAABWGPvGqs)... this is where my problem is, when i click the twitter button(for example could have been FB button, same thing happens) a second window want to pop up but it is all greyed out. there is nothing in the window, this is
  7. ubot doesn't seem to get along with facebook when you want to upload photos to an album. I've tried changing my user agent to mobile and to chrome. Neither worked. My bot works great up until this click command to create an album. It lets me make a click command with the create album button on facebook as the element but when i play the bot everything works except this part. Nothing happens, it's as if it doesn't even recognize the command. The script just ends when it gets to this part. Does anyone have any advice? Could rewrite the script? Know of any ubot forums focused on working with face
  8. Good Day to you all, I was wondering how do apps and websites verify your twitter or facebook account ? You may have come across blogs where when you want to coment, the blog asks you to comment with your facebook or twitter account. They give you 2 fields to fill-in where one asks for your username and the other asks for your password. I am guessing, when you feed your username and password the blog commenting section uses your login details to login to your account and if successful then your account is verified and you're able to make the comment. Else no. I have also seen some forums d
  9. Hi, I'm using the Exbrowser plugin (latest version Update V1.1.7.7) on UBot 5 v17. I'm botting Facebook in Firefox. Like Page() Like Post() Share with Group() FB Comment()I've managed to automate 'Like Page' and 'Share with Group' but 'Like Post' gets skipped completely (works when I manually run the nodes) and 'FB Comment' throws up an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - Could it be that I've not chosen the right attribute for xpath? (this code also works sometimes when I manually run the nodes) Here's my code that only works when manually running the nodes: d
  10. Plugin Developing Folks, I've seen you guys develop sophisticated plugins from time to time and made good sales in this forum. But have you ever thought of building a simple plugin that maybe useful for every bot or bot developers here ? 1st FEATURE: SOCIAL NETWORK ACCOUNT VERIFIER FEATURE I mean the plugin that will verify users' social network accounts like facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, del.icio.us, reddit, digg, stubleupon, tumblr, etc. ? Integrate 0Auth or whatever that technology is that users usually trust to verify their accounts. You know what I'm talking about
  11. Hello, I am looking to buy 500+ different kinds of software. If you are are selling any between the price point of $1 - $20 let me know. The software that i'm looking for can fall under any category. SEO, SMM, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Wordpress etc etc etc. Also 6 months support for the software that you are selling is mandatory. P.S. - I do not want the source code, just the exe should be fine. Thanks Imran
  12. CLOSED Want to see how it works? Check it out here: https://youtu.be/8cDDELmnyN8 It's $97 ONE TIME for life, this is to show my appreciation for the community and will not be found again anywhere else. After our 'official launch' we will be using a monthly subscription model and not offering lifetime again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The benefit of having multiple social accounts on various networks is well known, you can use them to drive traffic to your offers or s
  13. F-Checker Unlimited ThreadsProxy Support (Socks4, Socks5, HTTP)Load Proxies from File or URL (auto-reload)Load Email-Lists from FolderDecaptcher SupportOption to Scrape NamesThe Program will check email lists against Facebook, if account is registered with fb it will generate a new output file with "valid" emails + names. Example Input File: john.dummy@gmail.com john.dummy@gmail.com james.dummy@outlook.com j.dummy@gmx.net Example Output File: john.dummy@gmail.com,Johnathan Dummy john.dummy@gmail.com,John Frederick Dummy j.dummy@outlook.com,James Dummy j.dummy@gmx.net,Jane Dummy Price: U
  14. Hi. Does anyone know why Facebook pages do not open correctly in ubot? Ubot 5.8.5
  15. Hello all as you read from the title. with ubot i can't load facebook page ( personal, or group ) which i am sample doing a facebook poster the same for tumbler the login form not loading twitter it's load but i can't make a post i have view page source, and add click and add the html source of the post button did not work, how to fix it thanks Luda
  16. I need a uBot script that will scrape the name, url, and location (if available on about tab) of members of a specific set of public facebook groups. Once it has that information we want to be able to private message those people on facebook and accept the charge if facebook makes us pay because we are not friends with the person (Already have this part of the script but it may need some slight modifications) Also just in general I don't have a strong uBot programmer on my team so I would probably be looking to give you more jobs in the future. I personally know enough to understand eve
  17. I am having an problem with Facebook both in UBot and in compiled bots. When my compiled bot navigates to facebook and then logs in the screen of the user's profile is blank. See the attached picture. This problem began yesterday, June 3. I learned of this when several customers started reporting the issue. I tried an empty UBot file in UBot 4.2.20 and UBot 5.5.13 and the same thing happens. I tried from my compiled bot both on my local machine and a VPS and it's the same issue. I've tried several Facebook Accounts. Facebook works just fine from a browser on my computer. Is Facebook n
  18. I'm not able to open a FB page with Ubot 4.2.20 even when using a unique useragent. So far I haven't been able to get any FB urls to load even they load fine in any regular web browser. It can't be because I'm using my IP too much as I haven't even started coding the bot. Just trying to navigate directly to a FB page. Is there some trick to getting Ubot to work with FB?
  19. Hi all, whats happened with ubot? All my bot are getting error "connection timed out" when accessing facebook mobile site https://m.facebook.com but It's ok if bot accessing desktop site https://www.facebook.com. If my bot run to access other website it is normal / no error. I am not using proxy/vpn or other. I am trying to build another bot with simple code and it is still getting an error: Screen Shot: All user agent is not difference, all are getting error. Are some one getting problem like me?
  20. I'm doing a fb poster and when entering a link to have fb show a preview of the link it wont show unless I type a space after the link or click photo then back to post. Anyone know how I can activate the link preview ? It seems that within ubot it wont do this only on real live browser in my desktop.
  21. when i login to facebook via ubot, this is what i get it tried it via proxy, using different UA and still the same http://i.imgur.com/mLIYjc5.png can anyone please tell me how to fix this.
  22. Hello I wonder how images can be uploaded from a folder to facebook in ubot studio 4?
  23. Hi everyone. im trying to post some text and link on group`s wall, but i dont know where i can find/parse/etc. params of Post-request: some params i can parse in response of LinkPreview-request. function, that trying to post: public static string PostPost(CookieDictionary cookies, string img, string title, string desc, string favicon, string proxy, string param, string grLnk, string myUrl, string imgsrc, string[] logTime, string medium, string LinkPreview) { string content = ""; using (var request = new HttpRequest()) { req
  24. I haven't touched Ubot in a few years, so I'm really REALLY rusty. I'm sure there are some things I'm forgetting in scraping in general...but I've reviewed the videos and am having a hard time isolating the data I want. There is a Facebook page for a business that I work with where we're running a contest, and we need to pull all the "likers" from the recent history. I have the URL for this data, but there's no export. Hence the need to create my own scraping solution (as opposed to copying/pasting). I'll be pulling this type of data several times per year, so it's worth it to create a bot.
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