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  1. Pash has great customer service too, had a problem with one of his plugins and he screen shared with me to get it fixed. He also has an Advanced Facebook plugin that works kind of the same way, if you look in his sig file he' lists all of them, great products. :-) Peace, LJ
  2. Pash already has one in Advanced Twitter, works great :-)
  3. Thanks for the update Pash! It's working great and implemented :-) I really appreciate it my friend! Peace, LJ
  4. Here's what I used as the base code when I did mine: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/17608-example-how-to-fill-a-table-with-data-in-a-ui-html-panel/ Works great, just have to tweak it for your use. Peace, LJ
  5. I think it's in the Advanced Table Commands (sorry my Ubot is down right now, have a ticket in) use the tabletohtml command it works well for displaying tabular stuff but all you can do is view, takes quite a bit of coding to make it interactive. Hope this helps! Peace, LJ
  6. Trying the same thing and having the same issues, the installer is trying to put the browser files into Roaming/UBotStudio instead of putting them in the appdata folder that I'm specifying, it's a bug in the installer. The errors are coming from the files already being there and the installer trying to overwrite files that are already installed from what I can see. This would cause issues if the user already had another Ubot on their system as they would butt heads and send off all of those errors, additionally I don't want a UbotStudio folder being put on a users machine. SO with that in
  7. You have the same limitations with Xpath, if the code changes then your Xpath is crap, branded sites are more likely to change their code than their branded layout. Additionally it works perfectly with scrolling as I mentioned earlier. Peace, LJ
  8. Not yet, but I set it to run at a fixed screen size that can run on pretty much every screen and it's multi-threaded so I'm not too worried about customers re-sizing the screen (yet). It works very well with scroll screen too, and I have it clicking things as small as a tiny radio box and there have been no issues. Honestly, it's working very well for a beta command, love it! :-) Great job Dan! Peace, LJ
  9. Hi deliter, You wrote: "What was your problem with Xpath that made you go to such lengths??" Please see above :-) Peace, LJ
  10. Greetings, Most of the bots that I create are for social networks that are constantly changing their code to stop people from auto-posting (Facebook, et al.). Additionally, when going trough the API your daily/monthly queries are limited by Facebook which limits end users. Since the source code changes weekly it's impossible to sell a reliable bot, this command gets past the iFrame and Javascript voodoo that they place in your way. Due to branding they tend to not change their layouts so this command gives you an effective way to bypass their source code changes. Additionally, taking all
  11. Made a video for you guys on how to us the Click Coordinates command in ExBrowser, it's much faster that dealing with XPath voodoo that might change tomorrow :-) The coordinates won't change, here you go: https://youtu.be/E65u9ojeMmY This enables you to code VERY quickly and has reduced the amount of code by 60% in a few of my apps. Peace, Learjet
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