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  1. The idea is that the actions I have put in the loop, redirect you to either URL1 or URL2, so I want to make sure one of those URLs is met, and I see that the bot redirects to one of them when I test it, but it just reenters the loop and starts from the beginning.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to create a loop to run some actions only if the url of the browser is equal to 2 string I have entered. My problem is that the loop cannot exit, it runs infinitely. What is the correct way to compare the URL with 2 given strings in UBOT? My script is: loop while($comparison($url,"!= Does not equal",$either("URL1","URL2"))) { //my actions here }
  3. Hello, I opened an account in 2Captcha so I can use their services in Ubot Studio 5 and solve reCaptchas. I added it as a service with the API code they provide and I can see my credits in Ubot. My problem is that i cannot find how to actually use the service. Has anyone implemented it, or know any good and relevant tutorial? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I have purchased the developer edition of ubot and I have been creating bots for around a month now. With small bots everything seems to be working fine. My problem is when I start creating a little more complex bot. When I compile them, they seem to freeze after some time. I run test 3-4 times and they work just fine. But after that, in the 5th or 6th trial, the bots freeze and i have to close them using the task manager. I have read in older posts that the bots freeze out of nowhere, is it still the same situation with all updates possible? My aim is to have some of the bots r
  5. Hello, I want to achieve this thing in the bots interface, I need to get data from a table of a database and output it in the form of a clickable table. For example I have a table in a database with a long list of emails and I want to output that list in the the GUI of the bot, and after that I could click a row to choose an email as a sender. Is it possible to achieve this thing with the plugin? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I want to output a table that gets the values from a database in the interface of the bot, and after that, the rows can be clicked so I can get the the value of a row. For example I might have a list of emails accounts in a database table, can I output them like a table in the bots interface, and then select an email as a sender and another one as a receiver just by clicking at them? Also, another thing that would be good if I could achieve it, is a searching function. For example if I could type some characters, hit on search and I get a list of the emails that mach that combinatio
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