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Found 21 results

  1. Is there any way to use XPATH to click on an element using Ubot's browser? I previously had it working in Exbrowser but i'm trying to get it working in the regular Ubot browser. So far, I've tried the CLICK command and pressed the gear icon and found the exact element which there is only 1. Problem is that UBOT doesn't actually click it. I'm thinking that possibly using XPATH again will work as it did in Exbrowser. I've see a post about using CSS Path but it seems like that would point to the exact location of the element at that time. If it moves, it won't click the correct one. Using the
  2. Hello again, i have a big problem and that is an unclickable button. I mean you can click it, but i won't work, i changed browser from IE to chrome, but there are no changes. It doesn't work either with command and browser click. Maybe because it needs new browser tab ? You can find the code below :
  3. How can I click on Youtube like(below video, not from comment) Currently, I use Click by coordinate but it's not very good(different size, browser...) Not sure why I am not available to click it, perhaps youtube use some java/script to block/hide - no sure <button class="yt-uix-button yt-uix-button-size-default yt-uix-button-opacity yt-uix-button-has-icon no-icon-markup like-button-renderer-like-button like-button-renderer-like-button-unclicked yt-uix-post-anchor yt-uix-tooltip" type="button" onclick=";return false;" aria-label="like this video along with 16,215 other people" title="I
  4. Hello everyone, First of all I would like to tell that I am an beginner and maybe this issue is very ease to solve but I have tried my best and I am still unable to click one problematic button. When my bot is running, there is a popup window with "add" button. - screen shot in the attachment Code of this button: <div class="btns"><a href="javascript:addProductVariant(61834739);" onclick="" class="add"></a></div> I am not only unable to click it by "click" function but also when I'm trying to click it by mouse. I have already tried to change user agent but it doe
  5. /thanks for you help with the other project but i have another question. this one have to do with javascript from the site scribed. i have everything done right up to the part where i have to click this button or drag the file in order for it to upload. once i get the pdf file, i can then upload it. but i cant get the buttom to get the file to click. i think it is javascript. here is the code that i have so far,any advice would be greatly appreciated. i just need to kknow how to work withth e javascript button to upload the file: here is the code: navigate("https://www.scribd.com/","Wait") c
  6. My Dear Fellows! I think I have created a fantastic bot that might get mentioned in Seth's Ubot marketing materials (providing it works as designed). I need free beta testers to test and see if they're able to make money using the bot (using for free ofcourse!) or not. The bot is a logging web browser that allows it's users to follow each other online. Whatever you browse with the bot gets logged so other users can check your logs (browsing history) to see what you're browsing online and follow you around from website to website and webpage to webpage. And, when everytime they follow you
  7. This is Ubot Day 5 for me! My first bot made a lot of progress yesterday thanks to what I've learned from this forum, now I've run into another problem I haven't been able to figure out. I'm working with Twitter. There are Javascript buttons and dropdown menus that need clicked. I'm experimenting with changing the attributes of selected elements (I don't understand best practices here). I've also experimented with using the click image option. Through a combination of those things, in a DEFINE, I can click through and it does what it's intended to do. In this case, it's to start from the a
  8. Im having issues getting my bot to either focus or click on image using image verification. every time I try running it Ubot crashes and then you cant click on anything I need to close and reopen. Any help here are some videos I record Click http://screencast.com/t/pAoBAlqMm64 Focus http://screencast.com/t/9aoDI91Q3
  9. hi everyone, longtime lurker, thanks for all the great stuff thats been posted here My question: Is there any way to make a bot add links to a list upon clicking them? I am making a bot that requires a list of links as input, and right now i am having to manually look through listings and right click and copy pasting the links im interested in into a text file, which i am using as the input for the bot. i cant just scrape all the links, because i have to manually look at each image to decide if i am interested in it. it would speed things up a lot if i could have a module/tab of the bot whe
  10. Hi, I have some parts of my website that are made with iframes. I've tried to click the iframe or its wrapping element, but to no avail. Is there a way to click something inside an iframe?
  11. Hey guys, need help... Ubot can't click the signup button in https://www.newgrounds.com/login/remote/form/show/register. Tried changing user agents, capturing the image, changing different attributes but to no avail.. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me, thanks!
  12. Hi, I have a made a bot that makes a Google search, and I want to click on a result from the Google result page. But my bot dosen't click at all. Can anyone please help me? My code: click(<innertext="www.domain.com">, "Left Click", "No")
  13. I'm using the Element Editor src Attribute to specify an element to click. How do I use a variable ( i.e. #srctosearch ) in the selector?
  14. I'm using 4.2.20 I have a bot that needs to be able to click a link in the content of a message received throught Hotmail (Actually, Outlook - the new version of Hotmail if that matters) The bot is able to click anything that's part of the Outlook interface. For example, it clicks these successfully: Inbox button, junk folder button, logout button, "show images" link inside the e-mail, etc. However, when it comes to clicking the actual links inside of ANY e-mail, it won't work. I have tried manually clicking inside the browser window, and strangely this doesn't work either. Again, it doe
  15. I'm trying to click on elements doesn't have href, and I'm having problems. Go to this link: http://tinyurl.com/ppnng4c You'll see that it is a Yahoo Local page with a listing of restaurants. Under each restaurant listing, there is a link called "Directions". I want to click on "Directions" only these 2 restaurant listings "Grub Restaurant" and "Restaurant 2117". I know in Ubot, there is a "Click" command, but I can't use it's offset selector because the listing maybe be at a different location everytime. I can't just use the element selector with wildcards because, then it will click "D
  16. Hello everyone! My name is Brandon and this is my first post. I'm new to uBot and the forum, but not to programming bots -- I have been writing them in VB and C# .Net using the Web Browser control and directly accessing the DOM as well as "raw" using C, Python and PHP (via sockets directly) on-and-off for a decade now. I thought I'd give uBot Studio a try in order to speed up the development of automation bots I do write as technologies like AJAX and other advanced Javascript, Flash, Java etc. have made my techniques more difficult and time consuming, so please bare with me. I have run into
  17. Hi guys, I'm trying to make a bot to click on the pages in facebook and I have included some screen shots to give an understanding. The first thing is to have ubot search for people, places and things in the top search query box, the search is going to be based on a UI text box with variable that a user can select a keyword for. After the search is done I want ubot to click through each one and making a post if it is possible and if not move to the next one (an if else statement?) My screen shots shows what I'm talking about. Edit: I forgot to add that I want to do this to multiple pages
  18. I've just brought Ubot and i've gone through the tutorials and learning the ropes. The problem i'm having is that i want to click a button on a web page, but the the normal 'click' command isn't working. I've tried selecting the element manually, but again no click occurs. It appears to be related to the fact that the web page viewer within ubot doesn't allow for this button to be click either ( well, it makes the clicking sound, but the function doesn't process). Likewise, i wanted to click an option from a dropdown menu which only appears on the mouse over, but i've tried using the 'mous
  19. Hello, I am working on a software which creates google alerts for the topic "blogs". The software works this way: It creates a google alert to the required email id and keyword requested by the user. So the user receives the mail with a few links related to the keyword he has mentioned in the previous step. And now,I was able to get the inbox mails into a csv file but now I my requirement is: "The software has to click the links in the google alerts mail". So please kindly help me with this! Thanks, Anusha
  20. the title says it all. Is this something new?
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