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  1. This is actually a bug, I believe. I just downgraded to 4.2.9 and now I'm able to click on links inside of any e-mail within Outlook.
  2. The ones I'm actually trying to click are all the same, but no links work inside the e-mail content when clicked within ubot. Not even the e-mails from Microsoft that you get when you sign up. I can't even click them manually (as opposed to clicking them automatically with my bot).
  3. Thanks, that's a good work-around, but I need it to seem as if the click is actually coming from within outlook. Scraping the URL and navigating to it won't accomplish that.
  4. I'm using 4.2.20 I have a bot that needs to be able to click a link in the content of a message received throught Hotmail (Actually, Outlook - the new version of Hotmail if that matters) The bot is able to click anything that's part of the Outlook interface. For example, it clicks these successfully: Inbox button, junk folder button, logout button, "show images" link inside the e-mail, etc. However, when it comes to clicking the actual links inside of ANY e-mail, it won't work. I have tried manually clicking inside the browser window, and strangely this doesn't work either. Again, it doe
  5. I submitted a ticket and they said this issue has been fixed, and the fix will be included in the next update.
  6. Thanks for the tutorial. This is exactly how I have it set up (other than the fact that mine uses multi-threading), but the popups aren't closing. It looks like they might be freezing/crashing when I attempt to close them. I'll try submitting a ticket to support.
  7. To clarify, the popups I'm opening are inside of a new thread -> "In New Browser" window. The popup is produced when the bot clicks a link. Could the fact that my "in popup" is inside a thread be the reason they aren't closing properly?
  8. I'm not having any luck with close page. (using "in popup") The windows stay open.
  9. Hello, I just updated to 4.2.12 and I'm using the "Allow Popups : In New Window" feature. When a new window pops up, however, I cant figure out how to close it after a specified length of time. Can this be done with an existing function or even with javascript? The problem is that I'm accumulating TONS of popup windows and they never close. Thanks!
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