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"Click" not working for Hotmail e-mail content

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I'm using 4.2.20


I have a bot that needs to be able to click a link in the content of a message received throught Hotmail (Actually, Outlook - the new version of Hotmail if that matters)


The bot is able to click anything that's part of the Outlook interface. For example, it clicks these successfully: Inbox button, junk folder button, logout button, "show images" link inside the e-mail, etc.


However, when it comes to clicking the actual links inside of ANY e-mail, it won't work. I have tried manually clicking inside the browser window, and strangely this doesn't work either. Again, it doesn't matter which e-mail I try, it won't click any content links inside the e-mail itself.


I have tried several different user agents. That doesn't seem to make a difference.


Any idea how to fix this? Is it a bug?

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Thanks, that's a good work-around, but I need it to seem as if the click is actually coming from within outlook. Scraping the URL and navigating to it won't accomplish that.


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The ones I'm actually trying to click are all the same, but no links work inside the e-mail content when clicked within ubot. Not even the e-mails from Microsoft that you get when you sign up. I can't even click them manually (as opposed to clicking them automatically with my bot).

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