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Found 13 results

  1. Hello . Please help . How can I make this uboot click on this link? (It's all about the verification link sent to the email address ) it's all about this link so uboot clicks on it. Below is the source code from the email. http://click.txn-email.helladt.com/?qs=59c0f1fd70424e71c424e19d9bc48b9e76a33115c9bcf0cbd1f68a805b7f9529c62e412479092e85ee70830d21a127b155683ff1d98fc2ab272785db2853d3ec <div class="rcmBody" style="background-color: #ffffff; margin: 0; padding: 0; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; width: 100% !important; -webkit-text-size-adjust: none; font-family: Arial, Helvetica
  2. Hello again, i have a big problem and that is an unclickable button. I mean you can click it, but i won't work, i changed browser from IE to chrome, but there are no changes. It doesn't work either with command and browser click. Maybe because it needs new browser tab ? You can find the code below :
  3. /thanks for you help with the other project but i have another question. this one have to do with javascript from the site scribed. i have everything done right up to the part where i have to click this button or drag the file in order for it to upload. once i get the pdf file, i can then upload it. but i cant get the buttom to get the file to click. i think it is javascript. here is the code that i have so far,any advice would be greatly appreciated. i just need to kknow how to work withth e javascript button to upload the file: here is the code: navigate("https://www.scribd.com/","Wait") c
  4. I try to send a message to a website using ubot, but then appears a captcha like this, i try to solve it with the ultimate captcha plugin, that fills letters in a rtextbox that appears under the captcha, and then clicking the submit button should be enough to bipass. The problem is that the button appears blocked like in this screenshot (solving the captcha manually would unblock the field, after a green thick appears in the captcha box) what should i do to bipass that? i tried to scrape the code of the send button. This is the code in the are around this button: <innerhtml=w" <inp
  5. Hello uBotters, Earlier today I ran into the issue with clicking on Pinterest "Follow" button with Chrome 21. I tried every possible combination or things I could come up with, yet to no avail. Button simply blinks once and that's all, whether manually or via uBot's code. I also tried turning off/on javascript, flash, images, css, pop-ups. I'm using uBOT 5.9.19, although I'm subscribed to updates at this point of time new versions of uBot/Chrome 39/41 or whatever else didn't work for me quite well. I've found this version quite stable for over a year now and I'm sticking with it. Anybody ha
  6. I have a twitter bot that I built and have used for a long time. Fairly recently it stopped working because Twitter changed the unfollow button. Previously I could get ubot to go to the twitter profile/handle URL of the user of the user click Unfollow - this was done easily. Now ubot doesn't seem to be able to do it. I have tried many different ways including using an image but it wont click the button. I don’t want to use the twitter mobile site because of daily unfollow limits and because my bot has been designed for the main twitter site. Can someone please help with the code for th
  7. Hey guys, need help... Ubot can't click the signup button in https://www.newgrounds.com/login/remote/form/show/register. Tried changing user agents, capturing the image, changing different attributes but to no avail.. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me, thanks!
  8. Hello Uboters, I can start with play like this: <button data-theme="b" onclick="ubot.runScript('run()')">Analyse starten</button> My Question can i start a script in other tab with html button? "ubot.runScript('Script1()')"??
  9. http://gyazo.com/bdbab8a9e5366b2f1d58c5b510fddcf3.gif http://gyazo.com/aa8118564eae07e12ae68ecd8df7ca31.gif http://gyazo.com/5734cee6856877bbf0b7db4335638c3e.gif http://gyazo.com/bc083fce8b5252549ff61a0fd70025b9.gif http://gyazo.com/b86e4841f4b7a41107cd7ddd9650ae82.gif (The changing of the colors is due to the mouse hovering over the button or clicking it) Free UI Button Styles I am giving away 5 free UI button styles in celebration of my sales thread! These buttons will work for standard, professional, and developer editions of Ubot Studio! If you would like to use the styles, just d
  10. http://i.imgur.com/eWad2aw.jpg Are you sick of the plain old UI buttons? Would you like to impress potential buyers or clients? Do you have standard or pro edition, and feel limited by how much you can edit in the interface? If you answered "Yes", then you have come to the right place! Using CSS, I have stylized UI buttons to their fullest extent, and this can be seen in: GradientsColorsSpecial "On-Hover" GradientsText ShadowBox BackgroundRounded EdgesBox ShadowSpecial Text ColorsWhat are you buying? You are buying 6 CSS styles that can be implemented into Ubot Studio to st
  11. Hello Experts, Can someone help me to write a script to run my below command, Basically My idea is I will place a button in html code using <input type="button" value="Clear Temp"> ; and i want to run below code/define through this button. define ClearTemp(#ClearTmp) { clear table(&Datatbl) clear list(%Scrap) clear table(&downtble) } though i want to use this button for some more functions. But this time I want to use this to clear some variables. Thanks
  12. Hello all! I'm wondering if there is anyway I can create a UI button that would stop the script which is running? I don't have the DEV version! Haven't seem to figured it out myself yet but it would be handy if I had one. Thank you!
  13. Oki my problem is this I have a flash form one of the fields is in the middle of the page ubot doesn't see the image of the field so i need to scroll down or focus on something that is near that element but there is nothing to focus on so I tried sending a key page down this will center the page in the middle but it's not working is there any workaround that I haven't read about . Thanks .
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