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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a bot to be able create accounts, playlist creator,play a playlist and have proxy management. I need it to potentially run 50 simultaneous connections if possible from a dedicated server. I have given it ago myself but ran into issues with uBot not interacting with the spotify webplayer which can be found here https://play.spotify.com/browse The uBot can login but then it hangs saying its trying to connect to Spotify. I'd be open to some guidance or if you could create this bot talk some more or maybe point in the direction of some needed plugins for uBot? T
  2. Using click(<type="submit">, "Left Click", "No") Works for me!
  3. Worse case scenario use a site like this http://hex.colorrrs.com/ and scrape the result to a variable. Sorry couldn't have been more help!
  4. This worked for me...also you have #xcord instead of #xcored set(#xcored, 685, "Global") set(#ycord, 900, "Global") loop while($comparison(#ycord, ">=", 100)) { decrement(#ycord) plugin command("WindowsCommands.dll", "move mouse", "PinterestScrape* - UBot Studio Professional Edition", "HwndWrapper[uBot Studio.exe;;14782689-53ef-492b-b6b3-c1cb3a6e2f16]", #xcored, #ycord) } Maybe use the wizard to get the Parent Window?
  5. You're welcome! I needed this video to jog my memory recently too, glad it helped
  6. Here is a handy YouTube video someone posted on these forums. http://youtu.be/a2AGRYwyUqU?t=4m22s Hope it helps
  7. Try this, I could still click the register button using click(<value="Register">, "Left Click", "No") Without being able to see it.
  8. Hello, Thank you for the replies, here is the code! I just need to be able to put a name of a folder into the variable so I can easily change which folder to select from a csv! Edit: It seems to be working now...I have no idea why? Could it be because I had two versions of uBot open at the same time? define Navigate(#FolderPath) { create table from file("C:\\Dropbox\\uBot\\uBot Shop Data\\{#FolderPath}\\D1-ProductDataTest.csv", &Files) navigate($table cell(&Files, 1, 0), "Wait") } create table from file("C:\\Dropbox\\uBot\\uBot Shop Data\\ShopFolderNames.csv", &FolderN
  9. Hello, I need to use a variable in a file field so for example: C:\Dropbox\uBot\#Folder\cat.jpg But it seems uBot can't recognise this? I need to be able to change the file location. I did think of having the full file path in a variable but that's my last resort. Any ideas? Thank you
  10. Hello, I've searched the forums and the internet but haven't found an answer so... I have a list of items like this link 1 2 link 2 9 link 3 15 link 4 4 link 5 0 How can I go about finding the largest number in that list then comparing it to find the smallest number in the list. Really bugging me, also wished these forums had an option to close/delete your own posts! Thank you
  11. Hello, I'm trying to create a list from table...here is my code. create table from file(\\Untitled.csv", &BackLinks) add list to list(%BacklinksNumber, $plugin function("TableCommands.dll", "$list from table", &BackLinks, "Row", 0), "Delete", "Global") For some strange reason it only returns a few of the numbers in row 0, see the image below. But if I put the numbers in my CSV as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 it works correctly. Edit: Solved it, had to change it no delete duplicates...
  12. Hello. I'm trying to loop a list until it finds what is in my variable then set the list position to where it found it. But everytime it sets the list position its either 0 or 45 then length of my list. Really stuck on this one, here's my code. Thank you! Edit: Just solved it, I used contains instead of comparison and just set my Variable to set ListCounter instead of list position. loop($list total(%Scrape1)) { if($comparison($list item(%Scrape1, #ListCounter), "=", #BoardNeeded)) { then { set(#Listlistlist, $list item(%Scrape1, #ListCounter), "Global")
  13. Thank you for all the replies, got it working! Wasn't too sure how to use the Trim function!
  14. Hello all, I have pulled a list of names using the scrape attribute function but in my list the names appear with a lot of spaces in them for example John (spaces after too) Mike Sally Carol My question is how can I remove all the spaces then use this list as a comparison to say if List item = Mike then do this... Thank you
  15. If you need any numbers, I used these for outlook. If I remember it strips out the brackets and hyphens when you paste it into the telephone field. (844) 127-5143(822) 916-8029(833) 204-9498(899) 388-0014(899) 416-5603(833) 104-2338(833) 324-8139(833) 176-2803(855) 208-9026(855) 204-5421(811) 456-6852(899) 282-1953(855) 612-6488(822) 922-3432(811) 996-7588(822) 709-7620(855) 438-9175(899) 985-4174(899) 609-1979(822) 784-4156(822) 855-0211(855) 967-1412(899) 212-1918(822) 031-2879(822) 347-5698(833) 658-0700(811) 231-1508(833) 498-3770(899) 286-8745(844) 033-7447(844) 160-4192(899) 981-3932
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