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Found 15 results

  1. Learn to code using other methods. Get to know what is Docker, and VirtualBox for operating in many systems. Also learn how to setup a Selenium environment on Windows, Linux and OSX. Note: This course will be updated regularly, whenever I add a new Unit it will raise $10 USD its price. Description This course is for educational purposes. We go through into how Yelp is designed and how you can search from the interface with proper parameters. This will go through all zipcodes in USA with or without a keyword and grab all leads and put them into a CSV. What you will learn: How to setup Lin
  2. Just out of curiosity, does anyone want to collaborate on some projects, i could learn something new as well as share some techniques and tricks, my skype name is "vemomedia" or reply on here, i have a few ideas, could possibly make some $$$ together, i am not greedy by far fellow ubotters!
  3. I have made a likesplanet bot that can click on youtube videos giving you points that you can use for getting views to your own videos or likes and etc. I will give the bot away on 1 real easy condition. If you join me on a social network site that pays it users. Plus the site is free to join.. You can actually be getting paid for the same things you do on facebook and other big social network sites. Plus when you have people under you, you can also get paid from there actions as well. So if anyone wants the likesplanet bot then PM me for the link to the social network site and after you sign
  4. Hello all, I have my own store since 2013 and sell my products well (with no real advertising), and things are great Have recently had a few products on other major marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, WAR, and a few others Found listing in other places creates awareness for my main store and gets more products out their! BUT... Sometimes these marketplaces change their policies and practices and unfortunately most of my best selling products are not allowed any-more on some of these marketplaces (mainly due to my products being kick-ass scrapers!) Not too much of a bother, as just p
  5. http://i.imgur.com/R3M0Leg.jpg I will have this thread updated. Ive just added all my compiled bots, scripts, graphics (ordered by category), templates, newsletters, and everything you might need to get your marketing campaigns going on. I will update and keep uploading new content. So this private network will first be opened for 50 spots. You pay $28.50, then we will open 150 spots for $57. Afterwards we will open 200 spots for $99 per month and then it will be closed. So hurry up to be the founders license, you might later sell it to the late members. http://market
  6. I am new to the automation using bots programming. I am reading and watching videos, and of course trying to start off by creating one bot. Can anyone share their wisdom, and experience with creating bots that create income on autopilot. As one example, i have read a lot about the authority sites, adsense sites, and products like that. Can you share what those bots look like in terms of what the page might look like and how it creates money? I may want to create these soon, and would like to understand it a little better. I see some PLR authority templates with adsense spots in them.
  7. I'd like to know if it's possible to connect multiple emails at once using a CSV file, I am buliding a Social Media bot as my first try using Ubot Studio version 5.
  8. I am working around ubot and trying to create a facebook group poster bot, but for the life of me I am bummed out of ideas on how to make my bot usable. would any of you ubot gurus shed some light on a newbie teenager like myself?
  9. My band is currently in an online battle of the bands competition. The band with the most votes wins the competition. The store running the competition doesnt care how we get the most votes as long as we end up with the most, so this isnt even cheating. We are currently in second. To vote you must enter an email address and click vote. Then you must go into that email address where there will be a link to confirm your vote. Each email address can vote once every 24 hour period. My band was playing by the rules till we saw a band come from no where and over take all the finalists rather
  10. Hello, As i'm working on a new project, i'm offering to sell my website www.imautomationsoftware.com It's been live since march 2013 and has made a total revenue of way over $7000 PRODUCTS It comes with the source codes and full owner rights of the following products: - Backup software - Website transfer software - Website restore software - Email senders (gmail, hotmail, webmail, aol, yahoo) - Yelp scraper - Fiverr digital automator - Ebay digital automator - Google alerts organiser - Micro / Socal Pay plugin Some have been sold on warriorplus and some on jvzoo, please check the scree
  11. Im working a project and a traffic related product traffic superstar I need tools thatll guide and help the traffic generation process, im making something similar to traffik buster in the sense that i need a suite of tools 20 in total, i have an ebook im writing on different ways of driving traffic like seo,social media,blogging,video are all big ones so the tools will be based on those 4 categories,im looking at 5 tools each category for account creation,email verification,submission etc tools like that. If interested reply to this thread with amount you are willing to work for,experience l
  12. Do you have that bot that you just can't sell? Are you having trouble making money right now? Are you low in funding? Do you want to make the leap to professional or developer? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I can help you out! If you have a bot or program that you own, and you would like to sell me the reselling rights or the source code, I am most likely interested. To contact me, my email is: ptrick125 (@) gmail.com and my Skype ID (Preferred) is Ptrick.125 It is free to contact me, so do not hesitate!
  13. Hi all, I am getting so frustrated with editing even moderately sized bots at the moment. I am finding it takes an age - 30+ seconds sometimes - to move to a new tab or open a node to edit. I have 6gb ram, 1 tb hard drive, only browser and skype open. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it me or is anyone else having this issue?
  14. Hello everyone, I have a noticed that some bots don't function correctly on windows 8, I have had many clients that are having problems with the bot not functioning correctly and they are all on windows 8, I have seen it happen with my own eyes, some times the open file button dose not do anything and some parts of the bot that work perfect on windows 7 just don't function on windows 8. Have any of you noticed this problem yet? If this has already been adress please point me in the corect direction.
  15. If you are stuck for bot ideas here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing: What I find is that when I encounter a problem or repetitive task I think there should be software for that. So I check out wordpress plugins or plugins for phpbb for solutions if one doesn't exist then there is your idea. Now those two platforms are not really related to what ubot can do as they are coded in php. Ubot is designed for automation so any repetitive task is ideal. If you check out the warriors forum WSO's section that will probably give you some ideas. Also check out the buy sell steal s
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