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  1. Im interested... I can do ubot HMTL design and create your functions. You can search skyp for my email address as a contact... I'll PM you with it. James Jackson
  2. If you don't want the html tags in there you can drop in the replace then drop the scrape attribute into that when you are adding the items to your list. Just replace the tags that you don't want with space... i.e. literally press the space bar instead of typing a character.
  3. Could you post the list here? I am not near a machine with Xcel right now. James
  4. As far as speed is concerned that could be related to your internet connection. also you can turn of images flash css javascript and pop ups with ubot so you can speed it up that way... then if you throw in TJ's multi threading logic you can do multiple actions with ubot at the same time. As far as bugs go there arent may that I am experiencing any more. I think the last time i submitted a ticke to support for a bug was about 4 months ago. To put it shortly when a bug is discovered AND the ubot team can reproduce the error... that bug DIES (gets fixed) shortly there after in most cases ;-)
  5. if your file does not depend on HMTL try saving the file as .txt file with no HTML coding then upload it to your server. then use that url as the location of the file. James
  6. Maybe try placing the add to list items inside of an if command so that only if the element you want to scrape is present will it get added to the list. Like so... clear list(%Google Results) navigate("http://www.google.com/", "Wait") type text(<name="q">, "weight loss", "Standard") click(<name="btnK">, "Left Click", "No") wait for browser event("DOM Ready", "") if($exists(<class="l">)) { then { add item to list(%Google Results, $scrape attribute(<class="l">, "fullhref"), "Delete", "Global") add list to list(%Google Results, $scrape attribute(<cl
  7. What is going to happen after they click the US or UK button is it going to do a search? Or is it some option process that the end user should be able to choose whether they want to happen or not? A solution I have used for a need for a dynamic UI i.e. thing changing based upon user selection is to us an if statement combined with the load html command. So if US is true then load the HTML with the US checkbox in the browser. If checked you can use that to trigger the commands that you want to run. Just remember you have to scrape the attribute of the check box to to trigger the commands. So
  8. What is the website that will allow us to help you a lot faster.
  9. if you want to get rid of everyting behind the % symbol... i beleive it would it be %.+ in the area where you place the "text to replace" then put a $nothing parameter or just leave the "replace with text" empty J
  10. I didn't think it was ubot becuase it had its own unique icon but I can see how it could be the ui html window... but not the main browser as it has no address bar. The icon can be "hacked" into an exe from what I recall though. J
  11. I am trying to create a proxy/ip settings UI HTML WINDOW that worked perfectly in a v3.5 bot with v4 Problem One... When I choose a selection from the list box in the UI HTML WINDOW then run the script the variable is NOT being set Problem Two... When I use a set node (which is inside define command) to set the location of the input file it still shows "No file chosen" in my UI HTML WINDOW. Any help would be greatly appreciated ;-) James ui html window("Proxy / IP Address Setting", "<html> <head> <meta content=\"text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1\" http-equiv=\"c
  12. What are IFTT sites? can you post a url?
  13. Id also like to know when this will be released
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