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  1. As far as I am testing bots are dead. By dead mean this captcha killed them just like the previous captchas but on V3 it appears like you could get away without solving captcha since you are receiving rating, but that is not the case and Selenium and probably other webdrivers that are automated are insta 0.1. Which means the only solution is to solve it with captcha. 2captcha has tutorial and hopefully we have some working code soon.
  2. ui text box("2captchaAPI",#api) set(#gettoken,"","Global") ui block text("what to dow ith this token?",#gettoken) navigate("https://recaptcha-demo.appspot.com/recaptcha-v3-request-scores.php","Wait") wait for browser event("Everything Loaded","") wait(2) set(#vars,$scrape attribute(<innertext=w"grecaptcha.execute(\'*">,"innertext"),"Global") set(#key,$find regular expression(#vars,"(?<=execute\\(\')(.*)(?=\',)"),"Global") set(#action,$find regular expression(#vars,"(?<=: \')(.*)(?=\'\})"),"Global") set(#captchasend,$plugin function("HeopasCustom.dll", "$Heopas HTTP Post", "https://
  3. Selenium is flagged insta 0.1. There are services like 2captcha that offer solving. https://2captcha.com/2captcha-api#solving_recaptchav3 It is pretty easy to code it for demo: https://recaptcha-demo.appspot.com/recaptcha-v3-request-scores.php but I have a problem because I cant finish the code, after I get token i dont know what to do with it and how to send it and actually click the button try again and receive higher score.
  4. I am thinking that this captcha can be done without plugin, but I am not sure if it will work because selenium browser is obviously flagged and maybe cant get over 0.1 rating after all. So if anyone know any info please share.
  5. Recaptcha V3 is the captcha which works with tokens and user ratings? from 0 to 1? If you get 0.1 rating that means ur flaged as bot and you wont go through. Some say you ened 0.3 or higher rating depends on the website settings. If that is the case then I am also interested because ubotstudio internal browser is insta 0.1 and same goes for exbrowser. So how to solve it? https://2captcha.com/2captcha-api#solving_recaptchav3 Link to 2captcha has many details but I am not sure what I exactly need, so far I used abbas ultimate captcha plugin but I think it cant solve this type of captcha
  6. bot factory support system is acting weird on me, I cant send ticked, i got email confirmation but i cant see my message in the system. So I am sendign this here because i think messages are not going through to your support system: Run javascript code when done through a regular browser works and sends captcha code while when using run javascript in exbrowser and chrome it sends blank space and of course captcha cannot be solved. plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Run Javascript", "verify_email(\'{$list item(%_rawCaptcha,1)}\');") It is on freenom.com at t he checkout page, you
  7. thanks for this amazing and free plugin. I am using HTTP commands and they work fine, but I cant get cookies from the website. example: set(#cookies,$plugin function("HeopasCustom.dll", "$Heopas HTTP All Cookies", "https://www.yahoo.com"),"Global") Or maybe not all pages have cookies? Where are these cookies stored? Sometiems i get a cookie and sometimes I dont, I dont get it. How long to wait for cookie to appear? Also I need to grab some dynamic cookies and get all cookies is not giving me anything... If cookies are saved in some file I can use regex to grab them. Please help, thanks.
  8. I am confused, is this the topic of metter ubotlocker or something else? Is the latest release compatible with php 7? I read that the devs are working on it but i dont see any posts about it if it is done.
  9. Yea, my server uses php7. I mean I could install php5, but everybody is running away from that so I will wait for php7 release, I am not in hurry. I mean on my old server with php5 it works perfectly, but I am moving to a whole new server with more power and there will be only php7.
  10. Hi, so the current script is not working with php7? Because I just come here to migrate to new server and I just read in above messages that there are errors with php7. Any ETA? I mean does script work, i dont really use it at the moment but if you be releasing new script maybe i should wait for the new one?
  11. So how can we use new version? I didnt know old HMA leaks DNS. IS there any solution to change to new version and use automatic IP change or even better disconect/connect? If not, what is the use of hidemyass and is there a good alternative that allows shell command disconect/connect. My HMA is expiring soona nd i dont want to prolong if it sux.
  12. I m looking for solution to not wait for page to load. I know there are 2 commands but both are in section retired commands. So are there alternatives? I m doing lots of searches and clicking on results, so all i need is to just click result and i dont really want to see the page or load it because many times that page will contain enormous crap that sometimes lead to freeze and crash.
  13. I posted code above. It is simple, i download captcha image as .jpg and then send that to DBC but they say method not allowed. Maybe i have old version of plugin? I have version
  14. Hello, If anyone solved this captcha please let me know. Did u use DBC? I have try with downloading image and i got the image and i send it to DBC for solving and i get error messages. I use Abbas plugin and i used Captcha Type: Regular Captcha But i m not sure if this is regular captcha. I have also watch this: It is very good video and i use part to download screenshot of selected element with chrome, it says it is not working for chrome, but it works with method 2. https://signup.live.com/signup website i want to register plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Save Screen
  15. Is there a command that can close all invisible tabs? I know there is command to close visible tab, but I need to keep only active tab and all others to close. I use bot that opens new links in new tab and once the loop is done I need all that new open tabs to close, how do I do that?
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