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  1. Either ur hardware id has been changed or u have not place the license file in correct location. Contact support@ultimateplugin.com with ur hardware id and buyer email address or u can contact via skype . skype id is rx2pills Thanks
  2. let me know ur skyp id , i will do a team viewer session. my id is rx2pills Thanks
  3. Check ur email and msg box, already replied Thanks
  4. HI, Thanks for ur interest in recaptcha plugin. Plugin require few parameters to solve the recaptcha that u have to scrape from the source of the website, receive the response code and submit the form, so there is little bit learning curve. Send me the website url at support@ultimateubotplugin.com, i will try to help u . BTC is also acceptable. Thanks Abbas
  5. Yes, orders are appearing in dashboard after few days and even sometimes customer complaints they didn't received their plugin while there was no order in my dashboard, ubot support settled it manually. Now a days orders disappearing and payments delay is nothing unusual, happens time to time in my store : (
  6. Hi All, Just got a message from my hosting provider, so please be patient, if u see any of my plugins are not loading in ubot studio. Thanks for ur understanding. Abbas
  7. Hey Gavin, i think i have already sent u a working tumblr script ! Please confirm me if u have received it or not. Also send me ur google console script via email at support@ultimateubotplugin.com , i will try to help u. Thanks
  8. Your last email received on 22nd April 2019 and already sent u the licenses on the same day !. Please white-list the email id support@ultimateubotplugin.com to avoid any inconvenience. Just got ur email for new license, will send u new licenses in next few hours Thanks
  9. Already responded ur email, let me know ur skyp id and i will add u Thanks
  10. HI, Yes, support both exbrowser and ubot browser as well. Email me ur paypal id at support@ubotstudio.com and i will invoice you. Thanks
  11. tried to send u exe as zip via email but the mail server has refused it, contact me on skype address rx2pills thanks
  12. Plugin should go in "AppData/Roaming/Ubot Studio/Plugin" folder . . Complete Path is something like (C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\UBot Studio\Plugins ) . License file (.dat) should go in ubot studio installation folder "c:\program files\ubot studio” or "c:\program files (x86)\ubot studio”
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