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  1. While we're waiting for a fix, how you guys are dealing with the external browser, does it work for you with the latest Chrome version?
  2. Quick heads up on the UBot Studio hassle! Rolled back Chrome to version 109-0-5414-120. Uninstalled UBot Studio for a bit. Cleaned up "AppData\Roaming" and "AppData\Local\Google\Chrome." Turned off Chrome updates. Restarted, reinstalled UBot Studio, and seems like I'm back in business. Cheers!
  3. Whats going on with UbotStudio? I am still not able to use the external browser, I'm still getting errors... Anyone got this fixed?
  4. Hi Seth, Turning off all plugins did not work, I reinstalled Ubot from scratch, deleting all Appdata folders and files, and still getting the same error (see attached screenshot) . What I noticed and I am not sure if this has a relation with this issue, but this started to happen after updating Chrome browser. and for me this error is occuring when I use the "Navigate" command, the bot visits the URL, then it freezes and the error popup. here is the simple script I am trying to run: navigate("https://google.com","Wait") wait(2) navigate("https://yahoo.com
  5. Send an email and cross ur fingers. support@ubotmedia.freshdesk.com
  6. I am getting almost the same error but it happens when the Borwser "Navigate" function is used. So it makes The external Chrome browser unusable.
  7. Hello, As many plugin providers have drop down their products, I am wondering if there is a solution out there to help me design a nice looking UI for my software. I think the Included UI editor is useful, but very basic and cannot be used to make a bot look professional enough. Any other suggestions would be very welcome.
  8. Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to remove lines (URLs) from a list that contains a specific word. Any help will be much appriciated. Thanks.
  9. Hi Seth, Can you please advise me on how to clear cache and delete cookies when using the Installed Chrome Browser? Thank you!
  10. I tried to Clear Cookies on external browser, but it ssems not doing its job.

  11. Is there a way to solve or bypass the Cloudflare Turnstile Captcha?
  12. Hello UBoters, I back into ubot and I see that many plugins sales threads are not updated while payment pages are still up. Can you guys please share what Ubot plugins are you are still using with the latest UbotStudio version. Any suggestions for usuful pluging will be appriciated. Thanks!
  13. Hello Uboters, I am planning to subscribe to one of the Browser plugins and I wanted to know which one works better, well maintained and updated... I also need advise on a solution or a plugin that solve Google ReCaptcha, hCaptcha and the Cloudflare Captcha. Thank you.
  14. Does it work with Cloudflare Captcha, hCaptcha, and Google recaptcha?
  15. I was trying to login to multiple Google accounts at the same time. I am also tying to complile a simple bot but I keep getting multiple errors about "Error opening file for writing" I aatached the 1st error screenshot but there are plenty other that popup right after this one. Can anyone help?
  16. Does not work. I am not able to select any element thru the software. I tried manually and I was able to login, I used the Recording option to try make a script that way, and it does not work too. Nouvel-onglet.mp4
  17. I don't know about other users, but for me it does not work... I opened a support request about the issue and I was asked to downgrade UbotStudio to a previous version which I did, I followed all instructions and still not working. The Automaxed browser does not load at all... Here is the error I am getting:
  18. Yes I tried, and it is not working. I had to downgrade UbotStudio and even doing that, still very buggy, it worked one time, than it did make UbotStudio crashes.
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