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  1. I havent found a fix yet, pm me perhaps we can try tackling it together!
  2. Looking for somebody that can teach me how to use ubot, fast learner, will pay cash. Interested in mostly CPA stuff, opportunity to partner. Please pm with rates! Local NYC is a plus but open to remote. Reach out w any questions.
  3. I'm also having issues with clearing cookies, Ive tried everythingn from shell to changing up user agent. Could it be a browser issue? Considering that I can manually do it on firefox on my mac and it works seemless, Ubot is not. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey Guys, While I've been on my computer I randomly notice a black screen with a ton of code that pops up and disappears quickly. I'm a little concerned that there are tracking services running in the background tracking what I am doing on my computer. Whether it be a virus I downloaded, or something gaining access to my computer. I was wondering if anybody had the same issues? Also, Wondering after looking at all the things running in the background with Windows 8, What can I safely get rid of and should I be concerned that somebody is tracking my everything on my personal computer??
  5. Hey Colton, Thanks for the add.. It seems that each download is different then the one showed in the video. 1.1.1 is missing the "site" so it doesnt work. 1.1.0 doesnt have the personal/ CL emails separated either. I am assuming that we are supposed to complete the code for our own separate use? I'm sure I am probably missing something here. Looking forward to your thoughts. Update: Tested a simple scrape using 1.0: Craigslist.org/ beauty.. It ran through a ton of cities and towns until I got this error (CL does not have any ads in this category. Please select a different category and run
  6. Interested in learning from this script.. Looking forward to the add!
  7. Hey Somnia, I downloaded your HMA bot and im getting an error on the second portion of it (when testing the bot) interested in your thoughts here. Thanks for including in this post, its a great example to learn from
  8. Hey TJ, What if you had verification/ confirmation emails from random multiple sites..how would you recommend setting this up so that it was ready for any verification email? I would assume using regex with wildcards on either sides of the most important words like verify, confirm etc.
  9. I'm trying to figure out how to fill out forms using tables then looping through it.. I finally figured out how to use a list to do it but I need a separate list for each form field, I'm thinking a table would be better suited.
  10. Do I need to have Microsoft office in order to work with CSV or Tables? I downloaded OpenOffice and it doesn't seem to be compatible.
  11. Hey Ubotters! Was wondering who is located in the Northeastern part of the USA (NY, CT, NJ, MA) and would like to meet up. Looking for like minded people to talk about Ubot and beyond! Perhaps over a beer! Let me know
  12. How can you track which names you've used if the bot fails to not duplicate data?
  13. I'd be interested in working together on projects, I agree.. It would help me focus! Let me know
  14. I've got it to work for the first proxy, but anytime it tries to go ahead for the second proxy the website gives me an error: Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.Could not create a connection to the proxy server. PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED: -130 Do you know what this means? How do I fix? Ive tried really simple proxy switching and checkers and it works fine for the first and then the rest on the list or table end up with this error.
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