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  1. You're not the only one with this problem. I was looking into Exbrowser but it seems sells are on hold with months delayed. I've tried everything to get the sites to load, only to end up a bust. I had to abandon 2 bots because of it. Have you tried looking into a HTTP bot?
  2. Is this plugin still unavailable to purchase? Could really use it...
  3. Thanks for the insight, I'm doing it manually because the plugin isn't threadable and the queue system slows the bot down massively. I guess I'm the only with this problem it seems like. Just gonna chalk it down to Murphy's Law. haha. Wait until the end of the month to get the Ultimate Captcha plugin. [solved]
  4. I've been trying to get the 2Captcha API to work with HTTP Upload for sometime now and all I'm getting back is ERROR_ZERO_CAPTCHA_FILESIZE with any captcha image I use. Am I missing something with 2Captcha? set(#CAPTCHAAPI, "", "Global") set(#RespondsUpload, $plugin function("HTTP post.dll", "$http upload", "http://2captcha.com/in.php", "key={#CAPTCHAAPI}&method=post&json=1", "{$special folder("Desktop")}\\captcha.jpg", "captchafile", "image/jpeg", "", "", "", ""), "Global") [solved] - My connection was blocking the file upload [EDIT] - Not my connection, was the wrong API method.
  5. It was weird. The upload function wasn't showing last night but it is now. Sorry about that.
  6. I agree with deliter, both is great to know and makes life alot eaiser.
  7. There it goes! Awesome. You've done an amazing job. I've tested almost all the commands and functions with over 500 threads. Very pleased. Thank again! I'll keep you updated if I come into any problems.
  8. Np, I believe it's the correct way. I'm currently recoding my cores to that threading method. I love it! About to run a test here in a couple of minutes. For the reset, I've did that but it wont alert before restarting. I'll give it another go. [added] ​I tested it on U5 too, it doesn't alert before restarting either. It also restarts the Ubot Studio..
  9. After messing around, I think I've figured it out. It's pretty easy to understand now if I didn't mess up. I use Ubot4 so there's no thread spawn. Can adapted to thread spawn or any other. Large Data Plugin is needed. I've attached what I believe is correctly done with a HTML UI. When working with HTML Start/Stop buttons {$Bot Is Running} is always false because it looks ubot's isrunning with the run bar. (Requested Feature) Pause/Stop will not work while threads are being spawned. Only already spawned threads will stop.​ I fixed this. Extra LoopWhile Status = Paused. I didn't comment
  10. Deliter sure knows how to come up with out of the box thinking. Some of the stuff he comes up with blows my mind.
  11. They just do what we the people are to lazy to do. Scraping, Traffic, Account Generators, Marketing (Email, Social, Forums, etc). You can even build a bot to create a Wordpress site, find a niche, find content, spin it, write it to your site, post to all social networks, generate blacklinks. ​Plugins are endless thanks to the community. I've even hooked AHK and Auto it into my Ubot to bot Flash Games. If you don't know basic JavaScript try to learn it along with Ubot (pro version+ I believe). ​-HaHaItsJake
  12. The private botbank is great. I've just got into it and productivity is alot faster. I recommend using it. Instead of opening a project to grab code, just have the defines in your private bank.
  13. For the Auto ReStart the Drag Commands here I guess does nothing? Is there any way to have it "shutdown" save data, wait for threads, etc before restarting? Could you provide a threading example with your plugin? I'm having a taught time trying to figure it out tbh. thanks.
  14. ​Whoa, I'm so thankfull. I'm going to use it in a couple hours and give it a go. ​For threading does it have to be with your plugin? I currently work around SmartThreads and coded a core around it. Will the commands/functions work along with it or are they only with your threading commands?
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