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  1. Its probably outdated but the technique would still work. http://www.ubottutorials.com/yahoo-email-automated-activation-link-clicking.html
  2. Only way I think to do it is bring them to the email sign up form. They sign up. You direct them to go to their email and get the verification link. They copy and paste in UBot. It goes to that page and you verify some text on the screen. The end
  3. Then scrape what I have into a list. You will get 2 items. Figure out what position the one you want is in and only click that one.
  4. Attached is how I would do it. Basically choose the element by outer HTML and select *agreed=true* That will give you the first link in it that agrees to the terms. Since this is the HTML the language doesnt matter and should click any of them. Just use the wildcards on either side like I did. jack.ubot
  5. If you can forward me the email I can take a look.
  6. Theres got to be something. If you forward me the email I will see what I can do to scrape it. PM me for my email address if you want to do that.
  7. Do you really need to load them into a UI field? If I ever need to do something like your doing I just load them in a list. Then cycle through using next list item.
  8. You just need to think how you would do it without UBot Studio and then figure out how to do it with. So normally you would need to go to your email, find the email it sends you with the password and then read it. So you would need to do it the same way with UBot. Login into your email, find the email, scrape the password.
  9. I would get it. The drag and drop is a better way to learn than right clicking and finding the commands. To get it you need to submit a support ticket.
  10. I would make sure your {1} is actually outputting the right thing. Just put a UI Status of that variable so you can see what the output is. Biggest issue I always had is if the variable didnt have a value it wouldnt save. If the filename had any of the characters that arent allowed \ / : * ? " < > | it wouldnt save.
  11. Any of my posts or anything on my site you can do whatever you want with it.
  12. I cant follow exactly what you want to do. But it sounds like you want to separate stuff and to make sure it is saved. The way to do that is to create separate lists as you are going through and then save them.
  13. Why are you saving it to txt or CSV instead of just keeping it in the list and then posting it where you need?
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