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  1. So I recompiled using the 21 browser and it's been running just fine, no crashes in 7 hours.
  2. I think ubot is great and have been here since version 3, and have pretty much automated every major platform (ah, the days before Facebook follow limits and the fun that could be had, and Pinterest you were my friend for a while !) for the purpose of network amplification I used to sell bots but I don't have the time to stick behind customers and their installation woes and quite a lot of the complicated tools that I want have been built and so it's not worth my time building them. Nowadays I use it principally to gather data for research purposes for internet marketing (remember the day
  3. This is a helpful thread. As I've been getting the following error on a pretty straightforward bot: I'm going to recompile using 21 browser and also run a compiled version with version 4. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. I've got this, but not sure how I then select the element to click on it? Set the whole thing to a variable and then click that?
  5. Managed to get this working. The problem I had was in the scraping, fixed that and then it worked like this: add list to list(%stuff,$scrape attribute(<outerhtml=w"<h5 =\"yummyyummy\">*</h5>">,"innertext"),"Delete","Global") add list to table as column(&results,0,1,%stuff) It would be nice to be able to use variables for this, lists can get quite painful having to always clean them afterwards!
  6. Hello! I'm scraping stuff to variables from a page with wildcards (God I love Ubot for this stuff!!). Here's an example of Debugger view: #variable1 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 #variable2 -A -B -C -D -E -F -G -H Once the collection has completed what I want to do is save off a file as follows: 1,A 2,B 3,C 4,D 5,E 6,F 7,G 8,H Before I start writing an almighty loop (there are 12 variables to in total) which will send me into a dark place, are there any other ways that I might consider achieving this? I have already tried converting the variables to lists and then inserting those
  7. Greetings! In the attached graphic you will see a familiar screenshot of our friends Advanced Element Editor. What you are seeing is the value for the H2 field from a set of Google results. What I would like to know is this: If in the area that is indicated by the arrow I wanted to insert a value that was stored in a variable, how would I go about doing this? Thanks Ninjamanz.
  8. I'm using the latest version and it seems to be working really well. One thing I have found though is that when my bots are compiled I am getting ubotCEFSharpBrowser errors on my Windows Server, and on Windows 7 it just locks up. Thankfully I don't intend to sell any of my bots, so I can just run them straight out of the Studio which seems to be pretty rock solid.
  9. Thanks mate, I knew there had to be an easier way.
  10. Thanks. Is there no way I can trigger the folder through SHELL & Variables or Javascript? I hate using dependencies? Ninjamaz.
  11. I'd really like to know if there is a way I can trigger a button in the UI to open a speciifc folder. It would save heaps of clicking around to just be able to open the results folder! Ninjamanz.
  12. Hello! I'm trying to send a page down command inside twitter, I used to do this with a piece of Javascript in ubot 4 (and 3!) but I can't seem to be able to do this as easily in ubot 5. Does anyone have a piece of ubot code that will essentially send a page down keyboard command that I can then drop inside a loop or while command. Thanks Ninjamanz.
  13. Depends what you are botting. Pick the easiest method that the platform or website will allow.
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