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  1. Yes you can save cookies and you can use that i am using Exbrowser plugin and i use chrome profile for reuse cookies and can use it easily.
  2. You are using ubot browser or Exbrowser plugin ? I made a script in exbrowser for uploading images or video in exbrowser plugin if you need ping me ..
  3. Take another add item to list and replace function available there in ubot that you can use in that list. set(#user,"@user1,@user2,@user3","Global") clear list(%user) add item to list(%user,$list from text(#user,","),"Don\'t Delete","Global") clear list(%finaluser) add item to list(%finaluser,$replace(%user,"@",""),"Don\'t Delete","Global") add list to list(%useersname,$list from text(%finaluser,$new line),"Delete","Global")
  4. Try :- set(#scrape,"<div class=\"card-header d-flex flex-row\"><ch-profile-avatar type=\"medium\" _nghost-cwh-c99=\"\"><div _ngcontent-cwh-c99=\"\" class=\"avatar medium ng-star-inserted\"><img _ngcontent-cwh-c99=\"\" alt=\"Avatar\" class=\"rounded-circle mx-auto\" src=\"../assets/default-avatar.jpeg\"><!----><!----></div><!----></ch-profile-avatar><div class=\"user ng-star-inserted\"><h5>Bee17</h5><p>@Bee17</p></div><!----><div class=\"ml-auto\"><div class=\"d-flex flex-row justify-conte
  5. Replace @ with nothing simple
  6. Ping me on my skype i can make it if you send me all instruction where to get from website . skype - live:71826713e7a729e6 Thanks & Regards Hare
  7. Try to use once in external Browser with the help of exbrowser or in new version if options available because i am using exb plugin not latest version of ubot and in mostly site this works very fine.
  8. In exbrowser plugin this functionality is available you can switch to next tab and focus that new tab and do whatever you want and i am not sure that in ubot browser this works or not ..
  9. I can make it in exbrowser and sent you simple exe which runs in windows pc or server didn't need much .net framework4.5 ,c++2015 must installed in that pc or server and generally bot didn't crash i run one bot continuously one week for scraping quotes from 4-5 sites bot and browser both runs very fine..
  10. Ping me on my skype id- live:71826713e7a729e6 Or Email me - harebot357@gmail.com
  11. Found it solution Dan ...Thanks for your response.
  12. https://botfactory.helpdocs.com/exbrowser-plugin/exbrowser-file-upload-dialog-window-exampl This link is dead if any examples related to this topic i will be grateful.. Thanks
  13. Yes this works i am using this method since one month..
  14. Yes i am using portable version and when i tried to run in ubot it works only issues in compiling bot in portable firefox. And please update driver for latest chrome and firefox in V2 version...
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