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  1. That wouldn't work in my case. I am constantly monitoring a real time chat service. I even created a 8cpu 16gig ram aws server, and its using up 100% of the CPU? what the F?? Its pissing me off that after like 5 years its the same shitty problems. With http request bots I don't have issues. Only with browser... the CPU is out of this world when compiled. another thing, simply on opening ubot, my aws vps goes from 0-1% CPU usage to 25%... and its not even doing ANYTHING! insane.
  2. Well I found out the problem is COMPILED UBOTS. When I run it compiled even on my laptop, it bugs out.. It stops scraping which fucks up what my bot does. It works perfectly fine in actual ubot.. Such a trash software.
  3. For http request based bots, I don't have a problem. But for browser based bots, its HELL. Get's REALLY SLOW and then ends up doing things really delayed, or not doing things at all and completely fucks things up. I even tried with an upgraded vps 8cpu and 16gigs ram with NOTHING else on it, and it screws up after 2-3 hours. (browser based) P.s. they are not blocking my ip or anything like that.
  4. So I ihave a ubot that I've been running on my laptop flawlessly for 2 weeks now. The downside is, I have to leave my laptop on all the time and I don't like that. Plus ubot is garbage and uses up so much memory. So, I decided to put it on a windows vps. Well, on windows vps, ubot is SUPER GABAGE. After like 2-3 hours it starts having a mind of its own! Why is this software still so shitty and buggy after so many years? I've seen other threads here and on other forums with the same issue. People not being able to sell bots to users that want to run on vps because shitbot acts completely differ
  5. Okay so the problem is that, these sites think that the site is 'tabbed out' or 'not focused' which is why its disconnecting. Kind of like how youtube if you don't change your browser settings, will stop playing if you go to another tab. So... why do these sites think that ubot is out of focus, when it is the ONLY tab opened within ubot? Is there some way to keep it 'focused'? I stopped paying for ubot because of stupid bugs like this. I highly doubt its been fixed in any recent update so its either there is a solution, or ill just have to get this coded by a freelancer.
  6. I've been trying to track down if there is a specific time, but it seems pretty random. It's like twitch and other real time sites think that maybe the 'tab' isnt focused on so it disconnects you? Or maybe ubot just can't handle real time connections so after a while it stops any connection? Idk what it is but its surely a UBOT thing because in my regular browsers, i'm NEVER disconnected.
  7. Why does ubot disconnect me from real time streaming services like twitch for example after some time? It's not just twitch btw it happens to other chat/streaming services. It's like ubot just wants to disconnect after a while because... who knows? its ubot.
  8. I was honored that Patrick reached out to me to review his product, and I gotta say, this is an absolute steal! He's pretty much giving away a bot that you can slap your name on and make bank from!
  9. im getting and solving the captcha properly, but when i post its not working with sites anyone get it to work?
  10. I was wondering why some of my bots were crashing and such and have come to figure out that its due to local dictionary plugin. Ive added an example of what i did to test this and to come to my conclusion. I init local dictionary in a new thread and then add a local dictionary key with the value of 1. then right after i have an if statement checking if the local dictionary key = 1. if not alert. my bots start off wrking fine but it seems pretty random... sometimes within 10 minutes.. sometimes hours later... i get a lot of that key not = 1 aka popping up the alert. http://i.imgur.com
  11. does ubot 5 work with http post plugin and are local variables fixed there so i dont have to use local dictionary plugin?
  12. yup its 100% local dictionary. i removed it and now its not crashing. when i run it in ubot studio sometimes itll give me the error that dictionary doesnt exist... when it should and then right after crashes.
  13. I am using http post plugin. right now im in the process of coding it so it uses no plugins to see if maybe one of the plugins is causing the issue. I think it may be local dictionary. **update** actually im 90% sure it is local dictionary.
  14. so no one elses bot's just close out of nowhere on them? really im the only one with this problem?
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