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  2. I can get the code for invisible recaptcha v2 with 2captcha.com + plugin.. but my target site is not the traditioanl format 2 captcha explain,, I want to get the input area to solve captcha Is there anyone who can solve this? target site is band.us to join what I did until now.. add list to list(%Debug,$list from text($plugin function("Advanced Captcha.dll", "$2captcha.com recaptcha", "access key", "6Lf7sxwUAAAAAMCZndbhrzZ8ybi7JY-fGLIZmHAF", "https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/bframe?hl=ko&v=npGaewopg1UaB8CNtYfx-y1j&k=6Lf7sxwUAAAAAMCZndbhrzZ8ybi7JY-fGLIZmHAF
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  4. I've contacted support multiple times, and they say they'll reach the higher ups. However, I am left with no answer, and a very expensive unusable software. I've rolled back to 6.1.14 because I've read others saying that's much more stable than the latest 6.3.9. However I cannot even run a VERY basic script that just adds a random number into a list, and a ui stat monitor to show that things are being added to a list: ui stat monitor("List",$list total(%list)) ui button("Clear List") { clear list(%list) } ui button("Add To List") { add item to list(%list,$rand(0,9999),"Don
  5. How do you install that version? When I start with a fresh download, and install the provided link, it downloads the latest software when I open ubot. Then i'm stuck at 6.3.9 after a clean installation of the 6.1.14 link edit: nvm, I didnt delete my account txt file in %appdata%
  6. I can't get ubot running on two of my machines, also bought long ago. Support can't help me, said they'd take it higher multiple times, with no response. So now I'm left with very expensive unusable software.
  7. Your also saying in your loop that hasn't meet max number of links and next page link exists. but your add list to list add list to list(%Urls,$scrape attribute(<h=w"ID=SERP,*">,"fullhref"),"Don\'t Delete","Local") Is also likely containing duplicates , change to delete duplicates Your wait for elements, click on advanced and set a maximum timeout in seconds so that it cant hang if somehting never shows up it will always keep advancing. Your setting the UI elements to variable names already, no need to change the variable names further down in your code
  8. Folks, I am trying to build a bot that whatever url you set it to, it navigates there and auto detects the search button existant on the page so you don;t have to feed it the search button's attribute. So, how to auto detect a search button on the page ? I tried like this but no luck: ```` set(#Search Button_Outerhtml,$scrape attribute(<tagname="button">,"outerhtml"),"Local") ````
  9. Does not anyone know the answer to this ?
  10. So, why they told me to use this link and I see dead page ? https://ubotmedia.freshdesk.com/support/home
  11. i have been using ubot since 2014, last time they provided good support lasr year as well, never had any issues, and even tickets from 2013 are still there
  12. Ubot Customers, Are you experiencing this nonsensical behaviour from Ubot Support ? I bought Ubot in 2011. And regularly got paid support from Lilly Turin, Buddy Shearer and Miriam from their usual ticket system. http://support.ubotstudio.com/index.php?/Tickets/Ticket/View/RIU-176-77540 I used Ubot from 2011 - 2017. Then got involved in php and forgot about Ubot. At one point about a year or two ago, I thought I will look back into Ubot again and wanted support and used their usual ticket system that we all been using or the one I been using from 2011 - 2017. No
  13. Earlier
  14. Folks, I changed this: ```` loop while($both($comparison($list total(%Urls),"<= Less than or equal to",#Max Result),$exists(<title="Next page">))) { wait for element(<outerhtml=w"<a href=\"*\" h=\"ID=SERP,*\">*</a>">,"","Appear") add list to list(%Urls,$scrape attribute(<h=w"ID=SERP,*">,"fullhref"),"Don\'t Delete","Local") increment(#Pages Count) click(<title="Next page">,"Left Click","No") } ```` to this: ```` loop while($either($comparison($list total(%Urls),"<= Less th
  15. Folks, This is annoying the heck out of me. I am building bing.com scraper. I selected on Control Panel to scrape maximum 10 links and so it should not go beyond the first SERP and so why does it go to the second SERP and scrape the links there too before ending the session ? Scrapes 2 pages. Scrapes 38 links. Should only scrape 1 page and not more than 10 links. I selected "10" on the UI Dropdown. Look: ```` ui text box("Keywords:",#UI Text Box_Keywords) ui drop down("Max Result:","10,100,1000",#UI Drop Down_Max Result) ui save file("Save To
  16. Folks, Another issue I am having on bing.com is scraping the search results. See if you succeed or not. This scrapes other links too. Irrelevant links: ```` add list to list(%urls,$scrape attribute(<h=w"ID=SERP,*">,"fullhref"),"Don\'t Delete","Local") ````
  17. Folks, I am having an issue to select the Bing's search button you see here: https://www.bing.com/ When I hover my mouse over on the search button and right-click on Ubot, I do not see any option to "click" the search button item. Why is that ? After I have manually typed a keyword on bing.com and manually clicked the "search button", I am shown keyword search results. On the SERP, I can see again the Bing's search box and search button. Here however, when I right-click on Ubot, I DO see the option to "click" the search button item. See if you can get the code o
  18. Reviewed the code Created for everyone that he's offering and its well structured and easy to follow. It was created using the old ExBrowser plugin as he doesn't have the latest one which he explains but easily works with latest ExBrowser as well. Definitely recommend if someone is looking for this solution.
  19. Hi all, Am getting this error when I try to run the Google credentials with ubot - Seth did a video on it and this stops me. Any ideas?
  20. Working google login source code. Watch the demo below https://youtu.be/9eUJc76IayY Features: No need to go to stackoverflow to login Will work on old or new google accounts No need to turn on allow less secure apps Will work on old or new version of exbrowser Learn new tricks on installing extensions for exbrowser Easily to integrate to your bot Can be used unlimited times to your bots Click here for more info
  21. Hey guys, I'm happy to let you know that the issue has been solved by the help from @LoWrIdErTJ - BotGuru ! He checked the code and recommended removal of the browser's "crash checkers", precisely "auto close browser crash" from Advanced Ubot plugin. Please pay attention to it if you use it. It might eat up half or more of your CPU power. For some reason, the Ubot Studio was ignoring this plugin when running opposite to when it was running as a compiled bot. So, the bot is now running like a charm with 1-2% of CPU usage most of the time! Thanks you all for the
  22. I am still stuck at login. I have attached my script. Please help me fix the GDPR login, tell me your price. Many thanks in advance. tumblr-login2021-1_4.ubot
  23. If anyone’s interested in real-time chat and discussion with ubot and bots in general i use discord regularly and find it very useful. All welcome. I’ve made a lot of money from my bots and have lots of ideas to help promoting and also ideas in general but I couldn’t have done it without the help from members here. https://discord.gg/PfQ5G9Y7cq
  24. Hi all, I watched the video posted by Seth for setting up the Google credentials to integrate ubot with Google through the Google Developers Console. HOwever, when I try to run the code I get a script error: "The request was aborted. Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Kev PS the video in question
  25. Gave it a try yesterday by hard-coding the variables. Unluckily, it didn't help.
  26. Exactly. Clean install is the best to start with. Don't forget to delete everything from App Data. Start --> type in "%appdata%' in search, ENTER on your keyboard, then open the "UBot Studio" folder and delete everything from it just in case. Once done, install a clean uBOT 6.1.14, which is in my opinion a most stable uBOT 6 version. Otherwise, let us know if you need to downgrade to uBOT 5, use 5.9.55 version. This is the version which works for me for years now.
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