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  2. Hello @SmileyBot, Try to pass the credentials in the URL like so: https://username:password@www.example.com/your-file.pdf Feel free to let us know if this worked for you.
  3. Hey Guys I'm trying to use Aymens - 'http file download' to download a PDF My issue is that the URL needs a user and password to access the file Any ideas on how this can be done? Thanks
  4. Last week
  5. An active license (subscription) is needed for compiled use. You might not need to compile, and may think about cancelling. However we still have to pay for the use of your compiled bots with the support files being pulled from our storage services.
  6. You mean if I subscribe to the membership, and I am not going to use the compiller, so I unsubscribe, It is an action against your TOS? How many are "numerous times" for you?
  7. When was this update done? As I have a few ML software's at the moment that have been running and operational as of the last time used which was within the last 48 hours.
  8. hope you can make some updates on exbrowser multilogin app function multilogin have update their version to v5.xx which exbrowser can not support at this moment
  9. XPath Builder Pro has been updated and can be downloaded inside of your account on https://www.exbrowser.net from your members dashboard Download and replace your files with those from download. No longer tied to your ExBrowser license.
  10. is this version and software still working ?
  11. *Exbrowser v 1 - 2.016* **License server goes down by August 1st.** Those on version 1 you were sent an email with a discount code to upgrade to latest v2 with updates, and support. Most commonly asked question If i unsubscribe do the compiled bots still work? Yes, compiled bots still continue to work. However if abuse is found on subscribing, unsubscribing numerous times or disputes come from a transaction the person will be indefinitely blocked from using exbrowser to protect the service for legitimate users. As you might know we have cost
  12. Hey @totolcs, you had any success so far? I did not try your exact case, but I think it should be possible. You tried those already? https://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Cookie_Control In theory you will login once, store the cookie(s) and load them later again, so you don't need to login always. Correct? Additionally you can try switching the Chrome Version inside Ubot Studio's Options, to see whether one version works better for your scenario than the other.
  13. @stephenzeiner Thanks for the share. I also wanted to say thanks for the contribution for longer time already 😁
  14. Alright, please keep it alive. It nicely enhances the basic functionalities of Ubot. Thank you TJ and Phil. 👍
  15. thanks , i emailed him to an address i had and i also sent you a PM. hope to get them working
  16. Just email him and will send the instructions. Regards
  17. anyone knows how we can use pash's plugins now that his licensing serer is down and he doesn't answer to messages? thanks
  18. Earlier
  19. maBOT

    The server is down, @pash. PLease fix it, thanks!

  20. havent gotten much support it stopped external browsers from spawning on my pc
  21. Pash please update "advanced screen" the one with no server license don't do anything, it's so buggy

  22. [NEW SALES IMAGES COMING WITH LIST OF ALL COMMANDS AND FEATURES] Thank you for being part of the Exbrowser community! As you may have heard, we (TJ and Phil) just purchased the Exbrowser business from Dan. We are active Ubot and Exbrowser developers who wanted to make sure this great tool continues to be available to everyone for years to come. Our goal is to expand the community, support everyone with training, and provide a marketplace to sell your compiled bots. One thing we are excited to announce is that the Community License of Exbrowser will now be free! We
  23. Yes you can save cookies and you can use that i am using Exbrowser plugin and i use chrome profile for reuse cookies and can use it easily.
  24. Hi, Is it possible to make Ubot remember the cookies so when you open the bot again it doesnt make you login to each websie and solve those annoying captures that don't work very well? Thanks
  25. Please go to https://support.ubotstudio.com open a support ticket and explain the bug. Please also include some ready made code that demonstrates the problem.
  26. It's just a simple scrape with the $scrape attribute. I changed the browser from Chrome 79 to Chrome 21 and all errors are gone.
  27. HI, I was trying to youtube login youtube & Set_Cookie to ubot builtin browser. I have tried a lot of ways to set youtube login cookies to ubot 5.9.55 builtin chrome browser with no success. Anyone can show me some example codes so i can get_all_cookies & Set_Cookie to ubot builtin browser? So, i dont need to login to youtube again & again. Simply set the cookies to builtin browser to win access to youtube. Regards totolcs
  28. Looking for someone to teach me how to use Ubot studio. I will pay for your time. please contact me on whatsapp: 1.917.971.2348 or on Telegram: @shofarblast Thank you!
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