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  1. Worked for me. Great tip Thanks Gorse. Just uninstalled my latest version and installed from download setup. I can work on my bots again
  2. Hi Pash $wordpress new post has suddenly stopped returning the post id for me. The post is successfuly posting but on the same size posts i consistantly make it has stopped returning the post id. When I have tested sending a post Description of just a few words it works. Is there some kind of ttimeout issue going on? or do you have any ideas why it should do this? Thanks
  3. Thanks pash. Found this as a workaround and thought I would share https://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/26528/how-to-post-to-wordpress-custom-post-type-from-ifttt-com
  4. Hey Pash Is it possible to post to a custom post type? Really need this Thanks
  5. Hey Pash, Is there any way to upload a transcript text file for a video using the plugin.
  6. Worked a treat... Thanks
  7. Hey Pash, Is there any way to get ubot to retrieve the length of an audio file? eg 45 seconds
  8. Is there currently a way to determine whether an update is available for a bot or software with verifydialogue.php? ie without the .dll's. I want to switch an existing project from using the ubotlocker dll etc to using verifydialogue.php Any advice would be greatly appreciated. David
  9. check this out http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/15847-ubot-not-allowing-me-to-copy-and-paste-into-it/
  10. Im having the same issue. When I do as you say the situation is the same chrome 21 is always selected. Also when launching ubot it downloads base files ubotcefsharpbrowser.exe every time.
  11. Hey Pash, Great plugin. Is there any way to upload image and set as featured image? That would be really cool. Thanks D
  12. Just wanted to say that this is a brilliant tool
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