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  1. just curious what the purpose of the wait(.1) is?
  2. Kev do you have problems wit the ui and or browser not working in 6.3.1? Sometimes it works fine with both, sometimes I get the browser with no UI and sometimes I get the UI with no browser.
  3. 6.3.3 was a complete disaster. No idea how they could release something with so many bugs. I was able to get back to 6.3.1with a system restore but that version only shows the UI and browser half the time. Has anyone tried 6.3.5 and if so is it useable?
  4. I have been compiling to exes all the time.
  5. Got back to V 6.3.1 by doing a windows restore so most things are back working.
  6. I installed ubot 6.3.3 and have had too many issues to even document. These examples are not new code. They have worked for years up until after 6.3.3 update. The 2 easiest to nail down are add list to list(%files,$get files("C:/Users/ed087/Downloads","No"),"Delete","Global") returns no files. Tried different folders but all return nothing. if($search page("any text")) { returns true even if the item is not on the page which I have verified by checking the source. The opposite happens also returning false when the text is on the page. other non specific issues are. View generated source eit
  7. looks like the forum is dead lately. after yesterdays update multiple things not working. how can I roll back?
  8. Starting either ubot studio or any compiled bots does nothing. No error . nothing happens.
  9. Is there a way to get a pixel color at a specific windows screen location like in most windows macro programs? This is for windows not a website. Thanks.
  10. Nevermind. I solved it. It was my own error message. LOL. Couldn't find a way to delete this post.
  11. This script has run many time before without error. When I tried to run today I got this error. Anyone know how to fix it? https://www.screencast.com/t/iGvsdNRN0R2 popup box says says /pops/ not found
  12. I added a z in the front of each list item sorted the list then removed the z in the front of each list element.
  13. in Ubot Studio X I want to sort a list but the resulting list is ending up in scientific notation add list to list(%sorted,$sort list(%myposts,"Descending"),"Delete","Global") %myposts 1015623801993453110156239823899531101562405309695311015623884840953110156236482544531101567600257040311015623510573953110156233189979531101562327204195311015623217532453110156230650744531 %sorted1.0156760025704E+161.01562405309695E+161.01562398238995E+161.01562388484095E+161.01562380199345E+161.01562364825445E+161.01562351057395E+161.01562331899795E+161.01562327204195E+161.01562321753245E+161.01562306507445E
  14. Is there a way to retrieve a list of files matching a certain pattern such as *june.csv thanks
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