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  1. An active license (subscription) is needed for compiled use. You might not need to compile, and may think about cancelling. However we still have to pay for the use of your compiled bots with the support files being pulled from our storage services.
  2. When was this update done? As I have a few ML software's at the moment that have been running and operational as of the last time used which was within the last 48 hours.
  3. XPath Builder Pro has been updated and can be downloaded inside of your account on https://www.exbrowser.net from your members dashboard Download and replace your files with those from download. No longer tied to your ExBrowser license.
  4. *Exbrowser v 1 - 2.016* **License server goes down by August 1st.** Those on version 1 you were sent an email with a discount code to upgrade to latest v2 with updates, and support. Most commonly asked question If i unsubscribe do the compiled bots still work? Yes, compiled bots still continue to work. However if abuse is found on subscribing, unsubscribing numerous times or disputes come from a transaction the person will be indefinitely blocked from using exbrowser to protect the service for legitimate users. As you might know we have cost
  5. [NEW SALES IMAGES COMING WITH LIST OF ALL COMMANDS AND FEATURES] Thank you for being part of the Exbrowser community! As you may have heard, we (TJ and Phil) just purchased the Exbrowser business from Dan. We are active Ubot and Exbrowser developers who wanted to make sure this great tool continues to be available to everyone for years to come. Our goal is to expand the community, support everyone with training, and provide a marketplace to sell your compiled bots. One thing we are excited to announce is that the Community License of Exbrowser will now be free! We
  6. The Future of ExBrowser Plugin and Source has been picked up by Phil Portman and Myself. Things will be finalized next week and things will continue to function no worries.
  7. I'm in talks and interested in taking it over, can add me on skype: emw-dgn
  8. Plugin creators usually create a plugin out of personal need or wide spread community need. I personally haven't seen a personal need to make any new plugins. And haven't seen any requests for new plugins. You can also hire plugin creators to make you plugins, or other developers to make you plugins as well. Is there something specific your looking for?
  9. Bumping this thread. System has been running strong, and no new feature requests so nothing new to post at the moment. Having issues with your desktop UBotLocker go to the sales page https://www.botguru.net/ubot-locker-ultimate-release/ Scroll down to the button that sayes Download and replace your ubotlocker desktop files with those from this download. Removes license system from the desktop software.
  10. How no clue what you mean you cant trust ExBrowser, it went nowhere, and updates where done and being done when needed. Maybe you just didn't check in or check your emails like you should have. There have been many updates over the last year, and since its introduction. I personally use ExBrowser on a daily basis much like others do as well.
  11. Reviewed the code Created for everyone that he's offering and its well structured and easy to follow. It was created using the old ExBrowser plugin as he doesn't have the latest one which he explains but easily works with latest ExBrowser as well. Definitely recommend if someone is looking for this solution.
  12. Video id tried qoHC8K7mj9c Using transcription and video info giving errors. The Youtube Connect giving error as well. ============================================ Fri, 09 Apr 2021 15:22:51 GMT ============================================ Plugin: Advanced Google YouTube V3.dll V4.3.3.1 Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (x64)Version: 4.6.1 installed on all other Windows OS versions or later Category: Apichai YouTube V3 Commands Command: youtube connect Comment: You can see 'Error Log.txt' at your desktop. Execute: Object reference not set to an instance
  13. Try using version 5.9.55 ubot. It may also be that WHM is using a different interface layout then the one im using. Where did it fail?
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