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  1. Your also saying in your loop that hasn't meet max number of links and next page link exists. but your add list to list add list to list(%Urls,$scrape attribute(<h=w"ID=SERP,*">,"fullhref"),"Don\'t Delete","Local") Is also likely containing duplicates , change to delete duplicates Your wait for elements, click on advanced and set a maximum timeout in seconds so that it cant hang if somehting never shows up it will always keep advancing. Your setting the UI elements to variable names already, no need to change the variable names further down in your code
  2. Reviewed the code Created for everyone that he's offering and its well structured and easy to follow. It was created using the old ExBrowser plugin as he doesn't have the latest one which he explains but easily works with latest ExBrowser as well. Definitely recommend if someone is looking for this solution.
  3. Video id tried qoHC8K7mj9c Using transcription and video info giving errors. The Youtube Connect giving error as well. ============================================ Fri, 09 Apr 2021 15:22:51 GMT ============================================ Plugin: Advanced Google YouTube V3.dll V4.3.3.1 Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (x64)Version: 4.6.1 installed on all other Windows OS versions or later Category: Apichai YouTube V3 Commands Command: youtube connect Comment: You can see 'Error Log.txt' at your desktop. Execute: Object reference not set to an instance
  4. Try using version 5.9.55 ubot. It may also be that WHM is using a different interface layout then the one im using. Where did it fail?
  5. This seemed to work for me ui text box("WHM URL",#whm url) ui text box("WHM username",#whm username) ui password("WHM Password",#whm password) ui open file("CSV Data file",#csv data file) ui stat monitor("CSV Data formatted","Domain,,,Email<BR> First column Domain, 2nd and 3rd blank, and 4th is email to use") clear table(&Table) create table from file(#csv data file,&Table) navigate(#whm url,"Wait") wait for element(<password field>,"","Appear") type text(<username field>,#whm username,"Standard") type text(<password field>,#whm passwo
  6. Update 3-24-2021 Various updates, changes, and optimization done on the below files Overwrite the following files API.php Account.php AddLicense.php AddProject.php config_ext.php DoAddLicense.php DoAddProject.php DoChangeGateways.php DoEditLicense.php DoEditProject.php DoRecover.php EditLicense.php EditProject.php IpnFunctions.php Logout.php ManageActivations.php ManageActivity.php ManagePayments.php Payment-Notifier-JVZoo.php PaymentNotifier-Gumroad.php PaymentNotifier-PayPal.php ResendEmailsCron.php Resources.php VerifyEmail.php Ve
  7. yeah im up on 5.9.55 and was mainly mentioning alternatives to the debugger that can be used to copy from.
  8. using the load extension function in the launcher. and use full path to the crx file. Make sure the plugin is CRX v3 capable.
  9. always been this way. just save the value to file using a save to file command, or use log command to log it to #log and use the UI log node, to show the log in UI and can copy from there.
  10. Your scraping with general locator element Set to variable, and use scrape attribute, in the element to scrape first place an element offset function set your element to scrape, and offsets start at 0 so for first one would be 0, second item with same element is 1 and so on
  11. Check its not being blocked by realtime protection and that inbound and out bound connections are whitelisted for the program. make sure win defender is not blocking it as well
  12. Try to avoid using image recognition for clicking or typing. I know its an option but exhaust other options first. even using the type text on password content to type as {ENTER} will simulate hitting the enter key use lop table total rows and repeat the process using table cell as the value to use in inputs for the create an account area.
  13. Seems like this might need an update. xml new post not working command xml new post function seems to work.
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