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[WTS] PHP Compiler Plugin - use php coding in your ubot software

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anytime hope you enjoy the plugin..  Need anything let me know.

  • 4 weeks later...

I just purchased this PHP plugin, and I've always wanted to learn PHP, this definitely gives me some incentive (LOL)

another great Plugin TJ....

Thanks dude,



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  • 2 weeks later...


As we I move forward with the new resource site www.ubotstudioresources.com


Sales will stop soon on this Plugin, and only be available via membership at Ubotstudioresources.com

Get it while you can, as we will be removing it soon.

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Hi TJ, I just purchased the plugins and already installed the plugins + PHP as instructed. But i'm unable to get some PHP functions to work i.e. get_file_contents and filesize (all other PHP functions works fine).


When I run the sample scripts that contains get_file_contents and filesize, the bot stop working on the php node.


Any idea what's the issue?


Thank you.

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Will connect with you in the morning when im back at the pc.


Add me on skype: emw-dgn


and install teamviewer



I will remote connect with you tomorrow and see what might be happening for you and adjust as needed.

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they really need to select where their compiler is located unfortunately as they could have installed it in differnet directorys, or case size might differ as well.

So it can vary and reduces support requests


otherwise you can use the system commands plugin to tell if its 32bit or x86
and set the directory to a specific setup and all that.

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  • 2 years later...

I'm interested in this plugin, but I'm unclear on how variables would be passed back and forth from UBot to the PHP script. So two questions:


1. How do you pass parameters to the script?


2. Can the script output be captured into a variable?

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yes there are functions to capture to a variable or list inside ubot.

There is example code available for ubot in the zip package


Also to pass a parameter to the php script its advised to place the php inside the application command, same as you would drop a variable inside of html or other text inside of ubot to be output into that statement.

drag drop the variable where needed in the php code


hit the "" button beneath it on bottom right so that it doesnt escape the code.


then run it.

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I went ahead and purchased this. It works well, but it's disappointing that the code input field is a single-line text box. This is not very convenient for writing code and pretty much requires that you write the code in an external editor.


Could you update the plugin to include a multiline code input editor, with line numbers, like the one UBot uses for Python?

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