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Found 10 results

  1. Hello all, If you want to get expert help or training on UBot and all Automaxed Plugins, you can order it here: https://www.fiverr.com/automaxed/help-with-your-automation-bot-project I will show you everything you want to know or solve coding challenges within the time frame you purchased.
  2. http://www.botguru.net/popblackfriday/ubotfor1.jpg http://www.botguru.net/popblackfriday/ubotfor2.jpg
  3. ADD USER: emw-dgn Send me a message you would like to join the group. Nearly 200 members and growing. http://site-deals.com/images/button05.jpg
  4. I'm trying to scrape Twitter followers. But the popular twitter profiles have over 1 million followers, so I need to keep on scrolling down for a very very long time to get all the followers. I want to... 1. Change the CSS of the page so the follower box is smaller, so I can scroll down faster 2. Progressively delete followers as I scroll to keep the page more light weight. Need someone to do screen share with me to show me how to do it. How much per hour? Show me experience you've had with this. Your email.
  5. UBot Boot Camp Intermediate Part 1 of 2 http://network.ubotstudio.com/store/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/11/ubot-interm-part-1-boot-camp-550-b-r-598x600.png Hello Newbie!! Welcome back! We are continuing with the same base code from “Basic Training” and added some nodes with some more refactoring. More specifically we are reading form file into a list and looping it. Then refactoring into the “define” command to better organize our code. Commands: 1. save to file 2. defines 3. clear cookies Functions: 1. read file 2. list from file 3. special folder Con
  6. Hello everyone, Im starting a dynamic: Im going to work on whatever program you guys ask for, and I will sell the source code along with a video on how I did it. ​- The source code won't necessary require plugins, but it does you can choose from: Aymen DatagridSQLiteHTTP PostYoutube pluginIf you require more plugins, I will need them so I can promote them. (I got more plugins in my arsenal, just can't remember them all right now.)- You can also request python, nodejs code on how to do certain things using PhantomJS/CasperJS or Scrapy. So in resume, ask for anything you need, and I will b
  7. Hey guys i got the basics down for ubot and want to upgrade to a new version but i still cant seem to figure out simple tasks like how to load mass accounts and rotate the tasks, or how to add certain actions to the ui commands. I need some 1 on 1 help, maybe skype or teamviewer, join.me something. honestly if there is any experienced ubotter out there that could do some 1 on 1 training with me i would really appreciate it, might be able to pay as well if the price is reasonable. my skype name is vemomedia
  8. Check my freelance project: http://network.ubotstudio.com/freelance/project/http-post-consulting/ We can discuss about budget.
  9. Hello to all ubotters This is the beginning of a new training concept called [Wikitrain]. This is developed with the cloud user in mind where more experience ubot users can contribute and collaborate on the simplest and best method to learning a concept an or creating a bot script. This method of training is being develop due to the frustration of learning outdated methods or a method have not been explain properly or step have been left out. If there are more than one variation to solving a problem we would like that in a separate video. So user can rate it and compare it to the others a
  10. First Off.... Just want to say that I am honored to be part of this community and hopefully in no time I can be adding value as a fellow ubotter! I decided to take the month off and put some serious 24 hour day sprints into learning this software on a serious level... I came across ubottraining.com and Ubot Buddy looks like the man here in the underground. Just wanted to see what the community thinks before I pull the trigger, and also if there are any other strong reccos for some paid intense training for the new version... My thanx ahead of time! DD
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