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Found 6 results

  1. *Try the ui html panel javascript method as posted here: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/16532-free-tutorial-schedule-batch-onload/ This helped solved some of my onload problems.
  2. Have issues with some of my bots hanging freezing. Was typing to figure out a way to make the bot do an automatic reset browser if the bot doesn't for example finish a loop within 60 seconds. If the bot freezes/hands on a loop it would automatically do a reset browser and start over so I don't have to manually kill it and restart it. Can I have in new browser check on the first browser and if its frozen have it reset the both browsers maybe and start from the start? Or is there another easier way to get this done?
  3. ok is it just my computers or can anyone use the click commands on www.gdax.com ? if so then i need to know whats going on with my version of ubot 5.9.55
  4. Hello, I have purchased the developer edition of ubot and I have been creating bots for around a month now. With small bots everything seems to be working fine. My problem is when I start creating a little more complex bot. When I compile them, they seem to freeze after some time. I run test 3-4 times and they work just fine. But after that, in the 5th or 6th trial, the bots freeze and i have to close them using the task manager. I have read in older posts that the bots freeze out of nowhere, is it still the same situation with all updates possible? My aim is to have some of the bots r
  5. Hello, I am working on writing a bot that will allow the user to gather Youtube videos to a list for posting on their WordPress website. My problem, is that this code: loop while($comparison(#stop, "!=", "Stop")) { set(#add_all_videos, "false", "Global") set(#add_video, "false", "Global") if($comparison(#add_all_videos, "=", "add")) { then { add list to list(%vid_urls, $scrape attribute(<class="contains-addto yt-uix-sessionlink spf-link ">, "fullhref"), "Delete", "Global") } else { } } if($comparison(#add_video, "="
  6. Whenever I execute the connect to mail server and verify emails my browser freezes. It isn't as big deal as I can still navigate to another site. I was just wondering if this is normal?
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