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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I've been selling ubot programs and one of the biggest problem is the annoying browser.exe crashes. This occurs quite frequently especially with multi-threading. I've created a simple little bot in Win Automation that will close any browser.exe crashes. Every 60 seconds, this bot will scan your windows list and if browser.exe crashes window is found, it will close ALL of the error browser windows down at the same time. Closing these crashed windows will not affect your UBOT, so no worries. This bot runs using only 15mb memory and can work alongside multiple ubot programs at once. I
  2. Hello, It's been while since I used UbotStudio and today when trying to I got a message that says "an exception occurred during a webclient request.". I closed it and ubot frozed then crash after clicking on it. I am using WIndows 10 pro. Is this why it crash or something else? Please assist.
  3. *Try the ui html panel javascript method as posted here: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/16532-free-tutorial-schedule-batch-onload/ This helped solved some of my onload problems.
  4. Hi, Reporting an error inside the app when filling out a web form * I am running latest ubot community edition as of July 2018 * Browser used is built in chrome49 * The problem shows on the form to sell a product on this site: mercadolibre.com.co * One node bot causes the trouble * Problem can be seen on this 30 seconds video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tlj0hoi5mcloiqd/ubotCrash.mp4?dl=0 * Image of the problematic form is this: http://i63.tinypic.com/of84ki.jpg * Code for the highlighted section is here: <fieldset class="syi-fieldset" id="list-0.item.picturesFieldset" data-reac
  5. I have a muti-threaded bot that fetches web pages through the HTTP post plugin and saves data to a SQLite database. It also works with add-list-to-list to keep track of URLs of a site, on average between 5.000-15.000 items in the list. It's not a huge program but it eventually crashes every time I run it sooner or later. When I have 2-3 threads it lasts longer, 10-20 threads and it will crash for sure. Memory is always in the 500-800MB range, it doesn't build up, goes up and down all time. CPU usage 10-15%, so computer seems fast enough. Even on 25 threads CPU increases only by about 3%, memo
  6. Hi i need clear memory of the applications automatically. I do not want plugin ! just i want surce or anything Except plugins.please
  7. Hello, I have purchased the developer edition of ubot and I have been creating bots for around a month now. With small bots everything seems to be working fine. My problem is when I start creating a little more complex bot. When I compile them, they seem to freeze after some time. I run test 3-4 times and they work just fine. But after that, in the 5th or 6th trial, the bots freeze and i have to close them using the task manager. I have read in older posts that the bots freeze out of nowhere, is it still the same situation with all updates possible? My aim is to have some of the bots r
  8. i am using ubot 5.0.11 and trying to run ubot with multitreading in shared browser as fb would require relogin if in new browser, and once the the browser crash, and popup browser.exe the left navigate pages will always be blank after i close browser.exe
  9. Just started to create some custom plugins and when I compile the bot, it crashes when I try and open it up. It works fine if I am within Ubot studio, but once I compile the bot I can't run it. Currently, I don't have a plugin registration key. So I guess the question is can I run compiled bots with a plugin that has not been assigned a plugin key? I thought you could, but you would just get the nag screen. In my case, it opens for 5 seconds and closes with no error. If I remove the plugin reference, compile the bot and run it, the bot runs fine. It just seems to be when the plugin is
  10. Hello everyone My problem is that I have one browser.exe that grows up, without doing anything with the bot. I only use plugin needed, I just open the compiled bot.exe, doing nothing just opened and the memory of one browser is growing up untill it crash.... (it takes 3 hours and it crash). I know how to prevent the crash browser when I run my bot (don't use "close page", dont change user agent too much, don't use "stop script"...) so this is not the problem here. I use SSUBV7 to make my html code (really great tool), I tried everything but impossible to resolve the problem. I tried wit
  11. I really hope one of you guys can help me. I have been building a single bot all day everyday since I brought UBot a month or 2 ago but while I was working on it UBot crashed and now the project file wont open, UBot crashes every time I try to open it. I have tried running UBot in compatibility mode and running as admin but I just cant get the file to open and really really dont want to lose this project. Any advice on how to open this file? Running: UBot 5.05 Windows 8.1 CPU i7 2600k 4.6ghz 16gb ram
  12. I don't know why this happen but anytime i fire a alert (notification window) my bot will crash with "not responding" (only compiled bots) anyone knows what to do? A very simple example here: if($contains(#captcha, "Why did this happen?")) { then { alert("solve CAPTCHA!") pause script } } clicking on the window, it won't respond. Thanks in advance!
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