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  1. Yeah I have everything up to date, was working fine for past few months and just all of a sudden this error happened. I deleted the folder in appdata/roaming and that got the program to start but after it downloads the necessary files it crashes again. I will open a support ticket now. Thanks
  2. For some reason my ubot is crashing on startup since this morning. Not even when opening a project or anything, I just get an error saying ubot studio 5 has stopped working. I tried reinstall, I am on windows 8.1 anyone have an idea how to fix this? thanks
  3. I tried this, didn't seem to make any difference in speed.
  4. I have been experiencing it being very slow when changing tabs, I click a project tab and it can take 3+ minutes for the tab to finally open and if I click anything during this period the software will crash.
  5. Hi Guys, Was wondering what is the best way to convert Microsoft word smart quotes with straight quotes with UBot? I am trying to add articles into wordpress, I copy the articles from word docs and paste them into .txt files as UBot doesn't seem to like word docs but I still have the word smart quotes which UBot seems to replace with a � symbol. I tried replacing this with a ' but that didnt work. I know I can use preg_replace in php or .replace in javascript so was wondering how or if I could implement this within UBot or is someone has an easier way to deal with this quotes. Thanks
  6. Yeah I'm talking about the actual ubot studio software, I dont seem to have an issue with the compiled bots. If I run 1 monitor I still cant resize the window at all. I dont know how UBot has managed to get over to the right monitor but I would love to get it back on the middle one, does anyone know how to restore the program defaults without having to re-install? I remember when I first installed the window was resizable/movable and it wasnt until you maximised it that it was forever stuck there.
  7. I dont suppose you have an example of that do you Kev? I am a bit confused how the read file would work from a post form that would need to be submitted before the file is built. From what I have read the only way i thought I might be able to do it is with a socket navigate but have no clue how lol.
  8. I have this quite annoying issue with UBot 5 where I cant resize the main window, once Ubot has been maximised it cant ever seem to go back and the only option is minimized or fully maximised. The main problem with this is I run triple monitors and when the monitors are put in surround mode UBot stretches across the whole 5760 x 1080 resolution. If I run the monitors as individual windows I cant move Ubot from 1 monitor to the next so I have to constantly work on it over to the right. Running windows 8.1 and Ubot 5.05
  9. Thanks so much guys, I didn't realize you could unzip the projects The problem was I edited a function to add another parameter and the function was already called elsewhere without that parameter. Once I deleted the call in dreamweaver and pasted it all into a new project I was good to go. Thanks alot for your help.
  10. I really hope one of you guys can help me. I have been building a single bot all day everyday since I brought UBot a month or 2 ago but while I was working on it UBot crashed and now the project file wont open, UBot crashes every time I try to open it. I have tried running UBot in compatibility mode and running as admin but I just cant get the file to open and really really dont want to lose this project. Any advice on how to open this file? Running: UBot 5.05 Windows 8.1 CPU i7 2600k 4.6ghz 16gb ram
  11. I figured out why it was happening to me. I was trying to login to a personal wordpress site and if i loaded the login page with www. and the site is without www. then I would get the cookies error but if I loaded the correct url the error doesnt occur.
  12. Thanks Kev yeah works fine that way, I emailed support and they said its probably a browser issue. I still am having troubles working out how to download a file from a post form though
  13. Did you guys find a fix for this? I am getting the same problem
  14. thanks for your reply, I tried that also but still doesn't work. Some of the icons do click but quite a few including phpmyadmin icon do not click even if I click manually in ubot. I have tried 3 different hosts and have the same issue with all 3 of them
  15. Still looking for some help with this
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