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Found 13 results

  1. Hey there, I posted this on the Skype group last month, but figured this would be a better place to give it away. Nothing ground breaking, but below are two defines that I made for returning random user agents and referrers for an HTTP bot project I was working on. I figured I could give this back to the group in hopes that it might save someone some work. These are popular user agent strings at the moment and the common referrers list you see below I pulled from actual analytics data. Anyways, free for you to use. Hope it helps someone out :-) define $randomUserAgent { add list to list(%
  2. Hello all, I stumbled across a Javascript code last week which might help me in what I'm doing now, however, I have had hard times to use the same in bot I'm working with -- mainly because I had no experience with handling the Javascript code, except using simple JS code to scroll or refresh the page. I'm aware that I need to pass certain scraped parameters from the image I wish to apply JS on, but regardless of many attempts I couldn't get it done. I'm pasting the JS code and the code from the page which I'd like to run JS. // VERSION: 2.3 LAST UPDATE: 11.07.2013 /* * Licensed under the MI
  3. Hello everyone, I just did an enter in a blog explaining how you can download all images from a profile and doing pagination with a line of bash code. This can be executed in any OS, also on Windows if you set up the curl module. So what it is going to do, is using curl to mass scrape and paginate a tumblr profile, so you will get a list of URLs that will be processed with a while loop inside the curl, and then saving it on the folder you are running this command. But first… You might need to install cURL in your server, dont worry is easy: 1 sudo apt-get install c
  4. Help, I am trying to scrape specific data from multiple pages from the same website. I am able to get this to work, but on multiple different sites it only pulls data for the first 18-20 url's then does not pull any data but continues to cycle through all of the rest of the pages. Also I am running into an issue where I need the blank lines either kept as nothing or a placeholder put in place, otherwise when the data is written to the table it will not line up with existing data in the table. I am really new to this and any help would be appreciated. clear table(&data) clear list(%newp
  5. Hi UBot Community and greetings to the advanced users (producers), as an experienced ubot studio user today, which code examples would you recommend to fresh or intermediate users in order to teach them the most useful, powerful or efficient techniques? It would be very helpful if some experienced users would be so generous to share some of their personal most recommended code samples with some fellow botters in order to learn and achieve a general mastery of the ubot software and capabilities. Any recommended code samples, ressources or related ubot methodology advice will b
  6. Hi Guys I just have a question. Is there any way that I can convert Ubot code to VB script or is there a PLUGIN or software that i can use to convert my script. Or do you guys have any suggestion regarding this! Thank you very much Regards Verno
  7. OMG, m i brainstopped or it is imposible to code this? So i have variable which is empty. I tryed this: if($contains(#tcode,$nothing)) { then { } else { change attribute(<name="trackingCode">,"value",#tcode) } And i dont know how else can i do this. Any tips?
  8. Does anyone know if there is an easy way to convert ubot code into php? I would like to include some script into a website but wasn't sure exactly this would work or if possible. Does anyone have any ideas or experience?
  9. Hi guys! I would like to put a bot's source-code into a file (for example TXT or whatever) and then import this code into another bot. Because I made for example a bot that pings links, and I need this feature in many of my bots - but I don't wanna always modify ALL my bots (that have the ping-feature) when I wanna change something in the pinging feature. Or does anybody have another idea? Thank you very much! Imre
  10. Hi I would like to buy a youtube bot commenter source code, I need to be able to open a csv file for username,password,IP:Port, using the 3 columns as lists. I would also like to be able to open a comments file .txt. I would pay extra if you can make accounts comment in random. It needs to finish once the comments list is done. If anyone can provide this I would be grateful.
  11. Hello everyone. I am a new bee to Ubot. I am attempting to pull this data from a web page of mine with Regex. i want to put it into a table so i can search it. Below is an example of the code from the page. I put together this code so far <a href="#" onclick="open.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.*\n.* that is doing what i want, but I need to remove all of the additional fluff. I am trying to sort it as follows in rows and save it to a searchable table: Single-Family-Home 813190 $200,000 274 Smith Rd Sometown, CA John Smith this is the code from the page: <a href="#" onclick="open(35166552); re
  12. This simple, yet useful PC software can generate QR codes instantly No install needed. You can use it to generate codes for: - Website links - Email address - Telephone number - WIFI configuration - and more... See the screenshot below: http://i44.tinypic.com/5yyh4i.png Price: $9.97 Click Here To Order Now!
  13. how do I say this in ubot: if A is <= 30000 BUT >20000 AND if B is <=20000 BUT > 15000 Then {do this} So far I've tried a large mixture of $both and $comparison
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