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  1. Just picked this course up and slowly making my way through the content. I don't mind getting a bit of a refresher even if I know some of this stuff because sometimes you provide examples or reasons I might not have thought of that matures my understanding of some of these concepts. Keep up the great work.
  2. Hey, I responded in the random user agent code thread, but I wanted to add one more thing. Make sure you're using really good proxies. If you're using free junk, or proxies that have been abused in the past, then that might be the other thing that is tipping them off.
  3. Hey Jerry, You're very welcome! Thanks for responding HelloInsomnia :-) I also wanted to add to what Hello said, which is absolutely correct. I wouldn't use random user agents on the same user account. This might seem obvious to veterans, but you say you're a noob, so I wanted to highlight this. Most regular internet users use the exact same web browser, with the same browser addons, etc. So, when you log into an account, it should use the same user agent that you used with it last time. If someone told you to use random user agents on the same account, then they were sorely mist
  4. Your request seems better suited for a define than a plugin function. It's very specific, and those types of things are usually better suited for defines. Just my opinion. :-)
  5. Thanks for taking the time to share your findings. I posted a link to this to the Skype group as many people on there were having the same problems.
  6. Sweet. Look forward to checking it out. Thanks again!
  7. This is a very cool looking project. Might need to pick a copy up!
  8. My guess is that it refers to Access Control Allow Origin: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/Access-Control-Allow-Origin Here's a more friendly explanation of its use: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10636611/how-does-access-control-allow-origin-header-work
  9. OK, it looks like this was a user permissions issue as everything is now resolved after Miriam upgraded my user account.
  10. Hey Nick, Loved this video. It would be great to see a lot more information like this.
  11. Seems to work for me. If it isn't working on the website, then it's likely an external script that might be messing things up. Sample code that worked for me: plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Launcher", "Chrome", "", "") plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Load Html in ExBrowser", "<p><div style=\"font-size: 21px; line-height: 24px; width: 100%; height: 48px; display: inline-block; position: relative; background-color: transparent; font-family: Roboto, sans-serif; transition: height 200ms cubic-bezier(0.23, 1, 0.32, 1) 0ms; cursor: auto;\"><div style=\"posi
  12. Hey there, Not sure if this is a permissions issue, but I don't think it is. When I am viewing a thread, none of the member names are clickable. I also notice that I can't search the members, or view other member profiles. Ironically, if I access the forum without being logged in, I can do all of this without issue. That makes it seem like a permissions issue, but I notice that if I switch to the mobile theme, then I can click on names within threads and view profiles. Also, a chatbox in the sidebar of the forum would be pretty cool too. Not sure if it would get a ton of use or not, but
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