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  1. Are we allowed to include that in bots that go to clients?
  2. LOL!!! Dont you think that without those support files your bot will be 50mb and not 3mb? UBot Studio folder in appdata is there for a reason.
  3. Setup a simple script on server that can receive an image, enlarGe it and show in browser. Then use this new image as your captcha image.
  4. Sockets are in REAL programming, thats what makes you being able to run 500 threads instead of 30
  5. 1. New update fixed that. 2. Could always use dialog windows commands...
  6. You should use the save downloaded file command
  7. Enigma Protector is fine too. But making it to navigate to page is like megaeasy to hack.
  8. I managed to use 8gb ram in ubot yesterday while creating table from file.
  9. Just make .net thingie to crop image and save all that slow navigation.
  10. Solved, was file transfer error. Sorry guys.
  11. Yes bot runs on other PCs. Also he tried some other bot there that works for sure. And he says antivirus (ms essintials) is off. I'm going to login with Teamviewer to him and check. What a pain, i've 50+ clients using my bots, none of them have this issue
  12. His screencast: http://www.screencas...m/t/EXVCuSv2U5W He moved bot from that network location to desktop, no luck. We tried other bots too. He removed ubot folders from %appdata% - no luck. Told him to launch under admin acc now, will see. Antivirus\firewall are off there. Any ideas? upd. Not working under administrator account too. Please help upd2. It was some file transfer error.
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