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  1. Get an id or class or something on the popup and then execute some javascript : var popup = document.getElementById("popupId"); // In case of id var popup = document.getElementsByClassName("popupClassName") // In case of class as the selector. and then: popup.scrollTo(0, this.scrollHeight); like say for this page here your post (#1) has an id of "post_id_99088" now assume if it was the popup and you needed to scroll down to the bottom of this post here is the code you'll use: var popup = document.getElementById("post_id_99088"); popup.scrollTo(0, this.scrollHeight); It would work
  2. Well its pretty easy using a little javascript Here: To zoom-in use: document.body.style.zoom = 2Where to is the x-times zoom. You can use 1 decimal place if you want. To zoom-out use: document.body.style.zoom = 2Here is an implementation using ubot buttons: ui button("ZoomIn") { run javascript("document.body.style.zoom = 2") } ui button("ZoomOut") { run javascript("document.body.style.zoom = 1") }Hope it helps. Good Luck
  3. Well its a touch call as it might need a lot of testing and we all know how testing goes with ubot
  4. Hey long time mate, good to see you're still around. I wonder there plan is...
  5. Hi admins, Its been a while, I was busy developing for other patforms. I see a sleak UI in Ubot 5 now. Just have a quick question for the Ubot dev team - Do you guys have any plans for Cross Platform Deployment/Compile? Just wondering if you do, or else I'll have to use nodeWebkit or something equivalent. Thanks
  6. load it from a file by using the "$read file" command. Hope it helps.
  7. Ok just found in another mail folder. Thanks mate.
  8. Unfortunately the same link has the old plugin file. Waiting for the update...
  9. Maybe you can implement a way like the Advanced Shall commands Plugin works, it can run in hidden. Here are some resources: http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/PHP_CLI:_Hidden_Process Looking forward to that.. Thanks, Praney
  10. TJ, Mate is there a way you could hide the CMD window that pops up while executing the code?
  11. Awesome plugin TJ! Great job! Just pulling out my CC. Hey just a quick question, can the "iis express"be installed on a different location than Program files or is it mandatory to be installed there? Thanks, Praney
  12. You can do using other external programs like AutoIT. : http://www.autoitscript.com/site/ not with Ubot.
  13. Call it a limitation and Ubot is not Zennoposter and vice versa. 1000 is a good size to work with in Ubot, smaller the better as Ubot has always had memory issues but the dev. team is trying to fix. Hopefully some time in future it will be treated lets pray together... Try to split your file into smaller chunks and then loop through them...
  14. Works for me! http://i.imgur.com/n6WuW3T.png?1
  15. That is the bit you'll have to code. Try finding a common ground among your sites list pages to find the contact page, or maybe a little un-efficient way is to scrape all the pages and then go with a regex gun on it. Regex to scrape emails: [a-zA-Z0-9\._\-]{3,}(@|AT|\s(at|AT)\s|\s*[\[\(\{]\s*(at|AT)\s*[\]\}\)]\s*)[a-zA-Z]{3,}(\.|DOT|\s(dot|DOT)\s|\s*[\[\(\{]\s*(dot|DOT)\s*[\]\}\)]\s^*)[a-zA-Z]{2,}((\.|DOT|\s(dot|DOT)\s|\s*[\[\(\{]\s*(dot|DOT)\s*[\]\}\)]\s*)[a-zA-Z]{2,})?$ Hope it helps, Cheers! Praney
  16. Thanks for your input mate. I guess I'll have to build my own, can never save enough time.
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