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  1. so i want to scrape an attribute off a second website such as yahoo.com and type it into the google searchbar for example. any help is appreciated :|
  2. Is it possible to download all emails and sort them based on subject line etc? For example: If 5 out of 10 emails have the same subject like, i want to see a table like this: <SUBJECT LINE> -emailaddress 1 -emailaddress 2 -emailaddress 3 -emailaddress 4 -emailaddress 5 Clicking emailaddress 1 should show me the downloaded email in text format or so. ( no fancy graphics) After knowing what the subject line is, i want the script to go through all emails with a certain subject line and save certain text of the email to a file. (append to file) What do I need to make this happen?
  3. I would stay away from hotmail since there was some huge "security thing" going on where customers lost all their emails since you had to use phone verification for all of them to make use of the email. (it wasn't possible to restore them) It might happen again. When I asked them for refund, they (buyaccs.com) said that they are trying to restore them. I asked them for updates on the matter weekly and they just responded "no updates yet".... so yeah, make up ur mind. Maybe they solved it by now. I stopped caring.
  4. I want it to click something that might not exist on the page loop -> navigate page -> click element <onclick="Whatever.close(*, =<50000);"> -> repeat
  5. Is there really no simple solution? Does anyone know what i have to add to the regular expression to get this done..? I don't want to spend days/hours learning regular expressions to solve a problem that should be much easier to solve onclick command looks like this without changing it: <onclick="Whatever.close(553262, 50000);"> the first value (553262) should be wildcard OR greater than 1 and the second value (50000) should be smaller than x or a number from x-x(not random, i want it to search the page for any number from x to x) ... whatever is easier to solve.
  6. I used click and then i selected an element i wanted it to click. after selecting, it shows me this code: <onclick="Whatever.close(553262, 50000);"> and i want to change it to something like this (using the cogwheel thing) <onclick="Whatever.close(*, =>50000);"> i want the first value to be wildcard and it works fine but when i add the => to the second value, it doesn't work (can't find it) How can I solve this? I just want to add a simple "if smaller/greater than.." basically: click everything where the second value is greater/equal 50000
  7. Is there any reason to make UBot wait for an element if the website isn't loading anything? It's just time inefficient if I have to put a x seconds timeout instead of UBot realizing that the element is not going to appear
  8. uBot slows down after a certain time.... currently I have to use a third party tool (mouse recorder) to restart uBot for me. It basically clicks "stop" and "run" after a certain time. Is there really no other way to solve this? If I use mouse recorder it won't allow me to do anything else on my computer since my mouse is controlled. Would it be too difficult to implement something which solves this issue?
  9. this happens to me somethimes when i use too many threads
  10. For example it's: <class="input-wrapper"> I have to change it to this, right?: var popup = document.getElementsByClassName("input-wrapper") If so, it's not working for me It has a slider and down/up arrows but I think that solution will slow my bot down by a lot Sorry for late reply, I was really busy.
  11. Hi, window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight); is only scrolling the initial page down and no the pop-up. My issue: I have to click on Terms of Service, then a pop-up appears and i have to scroll down to accept ToS. Any ideas?
  12. I wanted to know whether or not it's possible to exclude numbers from the $rand command.
  13. I'm using 6 threads in the following order: Thread->In new window->loop It's super annoying.. how do I get rid of it? Once a loop is finished, should I add something to the end of it? Clearing cookies would slow it down since it's faster when I'm logged in. My task manager says I have 12 Browser.exe open. How many threads can an i7 4820k handle? It starts normally, then browser.exe crashes and I use http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13968-free-automatically-close-ubot-browserexe-crashes-fix/page-2 to shut it down. At some point Ubot crashes... I'm doing very si
  14. It would be a nice feature or is it possible already? Btw, can I block content on a website? A video for example. It kind of slows the website down edit: I have Professional edition, not standard.
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