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  1. Hi, I have read the whole page and I do not see a list of diferences between developer and enterprise edition, can you share a screenshot of what it is you see?
  2. Ubot will return the date time with $date in this format: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS You can isolate each element and return individually with the regex here: https://github.com/RETROkiT/ubot-core-dateTime/blob/main/code.ubot
  3. Purchased, cant believe I did not find this before I have been stuck on this for a year! Looking forward to receiving my plugin.
  4. I need this pretty often, I could not find it anywhere on here so, for the next person that wishes to: 1. import 3 lists 2. export all possible combinations of the 3 lists I made a simple little UI, you will need to write in your variables or import from text files then just hit run. Enjoy. comment ("gpv - ui") ui block text("var 1",#var_01) ui open file("",#var_01) ui block text("var 2",#var_02) ui open file("",#var_02) ui block text("var 3",#var_03) ui open file("",#var_03) ui block text("output",#output) ui button("run") { input_to_list() loop_process() } comment ("gpv - cre
  5. One of the functions I use repeatedly in most things I build is this script which: 1. Takes a list of proxies in this format 2. imports that list into a table to be easily used I use it personally to call proxies from API or self hosted *.txt files, here is the source, if you see holes in my regex please feel free to modify, I am a regex noob. I attached a dummy file of fake proxies to run the script on, you will need to modify the add list to table as column line to get this working. set(#table_pos_row,0,"Global") clear table(&proxies) comment("ad
  6. Uninstall / Reinstall and working again.
  7. Not working for me, subscribed via 2 of my active email accounts nothing working. Would love to check it out.
  8. No plugin that I am aware of. To beat pretty much all recaptcha you can run xevil (single-threaded version is free and standalone) and host in locally with modified hosts file to emulate 2captcha service for example. Or pay for Xrumer which ships with the full version of Xevil, which is smashing all captcha right now and well worth the purchase if you spend more than $20 a month on captcha solutions put it on a vps and you are sorted. The latest version of Xevil is Beta 12, the video is from some months ago, now it easily passes "select all street signs" type of captcha without issue (but
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