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  1. Anyone who knows the differences between Ubot Studio Enterprise Edition and Ubot Studio Developer Edition, besides the price difference? I am specifically thinking of the cryptocurrency features in Enterprise Edition.
  2. Is there by any chance any update that works with UBS 6.2.7 and thereafter?
  3. Contact support and ask to get access to an earlier version.
  4. The new debugger is a disaster. Variables must be explicitly declared using the "New variable..." which works from time to time. Variables can't just be declby just initiate them. Plugins installed under the version that was before 6.3.1 does STILL NOT work in 6.3.3. Codepage bug still remains (which makes saving and reading ZIP files (and .ubot files) not work if Region is not set to United States. Intermittent errors here and there. Luckily System Restore saved me too.
  5. In a browser you can call using so called "callto" links, callto is used by Skype. For some reason navigate does not support this. It must be considered a bug since browsers, FF, Chrome and Edge (those are the ones I have tested) all can interpret a "callto" link in the proper way, it lauches Skype with the number in the "callto" link. These browsers can also handle "tel" (which is used instead of "callto"). "Callto" is associated with Skype and "tel" with any calling application. FF, Chrome and Edge can handle these links, but the navigate command in UBS mess up these links by prefixing th
  6. I agree, I don't worry that much, it was just a bit strange. I have been using Ubot Studio since V3.5 and nothing serious has ever happened before. Now the UbotStudio.com server gave a message similar to that there was no connection to the database server, which was different from before, so you are probably right. Some sort of upgrade, move, migration etc.
  7. I have during the last few days had problems in executing UBS Dev due to license server being inaccessible, then now I tried to report it to support and then I got another error there. The same goes if I try to report a bug in the tracker. Are they still in business and the last guy who left the building toggled the off-switch shut down the servers?
  8. Yep, the windows call is simple. Now I "just" need to get the UBotPlugin interfaces right. I have purchased your plugin instead and saved myself some work. I hope that it still works with UBS 5. (I can't use UBS 6 due to this: http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/22502-is-60-good-now/?do=findComment&comment=137919 ) Pls let me know when it's done.
  9. Seems like a good plugin. No idea if it searches for files, but are you saying that you could add it with wildcard search too? I mean, a function that returns a list of files that matches a certain wildcard and/or Ubot variables. Is that the idea?
  10. I don't have the Elite Ubot plugin. I guess I will have to get a Windows IDE and dust off my old programming skills to create a plugin that does this for me. I will release it here if I ever get there. More ppl should have use for this. (I did create a plugin a few years ago, just junk, but just to test it)
  11. Ehum... This is kinda embarrassing... I need to find lists of files that matches wildcards. In my case I always know the prefix of the file and the extension, but the rest might differ. For instance: tesla--medium--01.jpg tesla--medium--02.jpg tesla--medium--07.jpg tesla--medium--09.jpg tesla--medium--00.jpg tesla--medium--22.jpg ford--medium--00.jpg ford--big--05.jpg ford--thumb--06.jpg ford--big--09.jpg ford--medium--10.jpg ford--big--13.jpg so in one case I would want to find all tesla--medium*.jpg files in the other case I would want to find ford--big--*.jpg Previously I have
  12. Yes, this worked. Thank you very much!
  13. Could scrape attribute but with a regular expression do the trick? I have NO clue on what to do with that.
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