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  1. Advanced Systems Command disable windows error reporting: Close command displays an error report window.system clear action: clean up the temp file/ext.system process action: control of the process.prevent system sleep/hibernate/standby: by namesystem info/detailed: by namesystem free memory one process: by namesystem free memory all process: by namesystem power actions: Shutdown/Restart/ext.process sound volume/set: set process sound volumetext to speech: by nametext to speech control: by namesystem beep sound: play system beep soundsystem sound play: Beep/Asterisk/ext.system volume control:
  2. Advanced Dialog Command advertise dialog close: Close pop-up ads.advertise dialog: Show pop-up ads. You can set the detailed practical. CSS support.image viewer dialog: Dialog to show pictures.progress Dialog (Vista Style): (by name).progress Dialog (Sample Style): (by name).data tables editor dialog: (by name).pdf viewer dialog: (by name).popup notifier dialog: by name checkbox dialog: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlY8n9iq5dA]auto close message box: Show message box and close after timeoutloading image dialog : show gif image [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqHx9Xyiyr4]loading image di
  3. Does Ultimate Captcha Plugin still work in 6.1.14?
  4. Why Ultimate Captcha will expire? Ubot can add this plugin. who know it?
  5. Hi Developers, Abbas today released a great new plugin NoCaptcha/Recaptcha Plugin.It was cool & it solves both New Google Image Tile Captcha,Text Captcha. where manually i have to all this job to solve the Google Recaptcha/NoCaptha Save the Image Reduce the Image Size Send it to Captcha Service Receive Response Add it to List Sort it out. But NoCaptcha/Recaptcha Does All This Job.Moreover Iam getting better success rate with DBC like never before. I want to say Thanks to Abbas for developing a Great Plugin,You Plugin Saves Tons of Coding Time. God Bless You
  6. Is there a plugin or a way to restrict the access to the local folders to one specified folder? My bot uses the "include" command which allows someone to "define" some functions and I want to ensure that the define cannot be used to access local files other than one safe one I specify. My code is compiled so is there some code I can put in my compiled version that will achieve that in the external "define"? Does anyone want to design such a plugin? It is a security feature that some of us may want, to ensure that for instance "shell" and "special folder "commands are disabled in compiled
  7. I'm sharing a FREE UBot Plugin which will allow you to generate MD5 hash value inside UBot Studio. Plugin will add 2 new functions: "$MD5 from string" returns a hash value of a string,"$MD5 from file" returns a hash value of a file.http://ubotdev.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/MD5-Hash-Generator-300x211.png For more information about the plugin and how to download it please visit this my blog page. Direct download Hopefully you like the plugin and it will help you to make better bots.
  8. Have you Built a Free or Paid plugin? Get your free or paid plugin listed here please reply with the following information. Name of plugin: Link to the sales thread: Free or Paid: Build your own plugin with this example source code package built in c# http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16853-free-ubot-studio-example-c-source-code-to-build-plugins/ Looking Free or Paid plugins - view them all below FREE Plugins Name of plugin: Advanced Captcha (v3) Link to the plugin thread: http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17083-free-plugin-advanced-captcha
  9. As the title suggests, what happened to the plugin development? I haven't seen someone post on that thread in over 3 months. Another question is why hasn't someone made a nice tutorial on the subject. I would love to learn how to make some sweet plugins, then after that share them with the ubot community. I feel like if Ubot made a tutorial on it themselves, then ubot would be flooding with some sweet plugins. I would make tutorials on it but... I don't know how to make them, unfortunately. I feel like if Ubot made a tutorial on it themselves, then ubot would be flooding with some sweet
  10. My Dell laptop just updated its bios and now ubot studio won't load because ultimate captcha plugin hardware id is not correct. I contacted them but is there any way to run ubot without this plugin until I hear back from them. Ubot won't even load to be able to disable it.
  11. Hi, Has any Ubot developer ever thought of making a php plugin for Ubot ? This is where the plugin would read our Ubot code and then spit out php code. That way we can make php versions or web versions of our .exe bots. It won't be hard for you plugin experts to build it if you know php 7. You can replace the Ubot/compiled bot's UI with html UIs and so don't let that worry you or confuse you. You might make a lot of sales! The plugin, however, has to be able to convert every single bot we make into php or web version. I am trying to create web versions of my Ubot compiled bots but I do not
  12. Hi, I would like to see an example of a Bion plugin using the container and or the property "generateChildren", As stated like this in the wiki: generateChildrenIf this is a container command, you can use this delegate function to add children automatically Or even better, it this is different, making a loop or the like that can run commands in it. I assume that is what a container is for. Essentially, what I would like to try is a loop/loop while with a break using a python loop/loop while. For a bion. Thanks in advance, Nick
  13. Hello there i have started creating my account creator via ubot studio and im at a loss now. I am in need of a plugin or source of which i can grab a phoen number from send the verification code to then enter the code which was sent to that number to verify the account. I know botchief has one of these as a plugin ut dose ubotstudio ? if not anyone know a way i can get around this?
  14. I recently purchased the Socket Code Generator and the HTTP POST plugin from Aymen. Now I am trying to use those tools to create my first HTTP Post code. I haven't been able to get it working yet, and I would be very happy to pay someone to help me with this. If you are up for the challenge, I can share with you a short bot that I created which does the following: navigates to target site, login with username and password, loop 3 times and, type a 9-digit &number into specified element, scrape the #count from the specified element using regex, and alert the #count to the s
  15. Hi guys and girls, does any ubot veteran know, what happend to the Ubot Communication Plugin? http://network.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic/17497-sell-ubot-comminication-plugin-browser-control-pro-use-chrome-ff-etc-run-code-on-control-external-bots-web-server-control-pro-more/ Looks like back in the days this plugin delivered amazing functionality, e.g. to remote control bots. How could such a technology get lost? Any survivors? Maybe someone who could share the code if it is still working? If not - can any of the developers build such a remote control again, please? I wonder
  16. I just releases my 2nd FREE UBot Plugin which will allow you to Encode and Decode URI strings (URLs) without using the "eval()" and JavaScript functions. The plugin will add 2 new functions: "$uri encode" returns a URI encoded string,"$uri encode" returns a URI decoded string. After importing the plugin you'll find the functions under "Text Functions", and the only thing you should know is that there are 2 methods for encoding (corresponding to 2 JavaScript functions), but you'll most likely be using "decodeURIComponent" in most of the cases. For more information about the plugin and ho
  17. Hello folks! It's been a few years since I've used ubot, and now just seeing all the awesome new updates, and all the awesome collaborators here... It sure is great to be back! Everything is even more awesome than I could imagine. The following questions especially go out to all the brightest and most creative ubotters/programmers out there... * How can we, most efficiently: 1. Translate the language used in our ubots into a wordpress plugin? 2. Translate the language used in our ubots into an android/apple mobile app? 3. Have our ubots run online (as a cloud/web based softwa
  18. Just started to create some custom plugins and when I compile the bot, it crashes when I try and open it up. It works fine if I am within Ubot studio, but once I compile the bot I can't run it. Currently, I don't have a plugin registration key. So I guess the question is can I run compiled bots with a plugin that has not been assigned a plugin key? I thought you could, but you would just get the nag screen. In my case, it opens for 5 seconds and closes with no error. If I remove the plugin reference, compile the bot and run it, the bot runs fine. It just seems to be when the plugin is
  19. Hello , i need an automated software that can log in to wordpress website and do following things: - Install plugins -Setup plugins -Change some other wordpress settings -Make 4 Blank Pages -Delete default pages 90% of things are the same every time i make a mini site , and there is no need to add many variables. Please PM me or reply here if you have any questions , and tell me your quote for this job. Thanks
  20. Dear programmer, I'm looking for a way to connect to a Oracle database. Jason advised me that this might be quickly done by creating an own plugin like explained in the ubot wiki section: http://wiki.ubotstudio.com/wiki/Plugin_Development Most likely someone else had faced the same problem and solved it the same way or somehow else. Maybe it can be a Java Script or a Python script can be integrated - what can be supported by Ubot.I don't know? However, at the end of the day I should be able to enter the database details like host, user id, password etc.and be able to use the known SQL
  21. http://ubotdev.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Command-Line-Arguments-Plugin.png This time I'm giving away a FREE UBot plugin called "Command Line Arguments" which will allow you to run Ubot compiled executables with command line arguments/options and retrieve and use that information inside the compiled bot. To read more about this plugin please visit this page: http://ubotdev.com/free-plugin-command-line-arguments
  22. I am using the FTP function in ubot, but when it upload a large file to the server, it will take so much time to do. Is there any plugin/script or workaround that will transfer a big file from a server to another server?
  23. Hi all, i normally build application with full UI html page (hide browser), one issue i have found is we are not able to refresh the UI html. we can insert a variable in the html code, for example: {#html} when we update/set the #html variable, we need a function to refresh the UI panel to display the injected code. is anyone working on a plugin to do this?
  24. I have no idea how to mulithread wtih Aymen's plugin! I've got $http post and $http get down, and it would help me a lot if I could multithread my bots. Does anyone know of any tutorial threads out there? I tried searching, but I didn't find any for Aymen's http plugin. If you don't have an idea, do you have a bot that you could share the layout of? Paste the code or something so the structure can be seen. Thank you If I learn, i'll do my best to share another tutorial
  25. I know that I have seen something on this before but am having a lot of difficulty finding it in the forums for some reason. So I apologize if it is redundant. For the plugin .DLL files my distributed, compiled bots need in order to work; can I place them in a folder, that is located in the same directory as the bot? Or does this make them "invisible" to the bot since the .DLLs are in a folder? I know that in v5 you can bundle them in the compile, but v5 is so not ready for distributing bots with. I just want to make it cleaner for my customers. Thank you
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