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  1. So basically you are saying that you may not be able to replicate this bug because you have not been subjected to the Windows updates that the rest of the world have? So, finally that makes sense. The problem is that many of these updates are irreversible, according to Microsoft, so what do we do?
  2. I have tried javascript on on the external browser (in V6 not to be confused with the exbrowser plugin) and I do not think javascript executes there. Has anyone made that work?
  3. This will solve half your problem. However if you use dropdowns, they will not work anymore. I have spent 5 days on that too, and concluded that only a Ubot update will fix it. The problem is not that they are VMs, it is that they have the latest dot net 4.8 updates, which breaks Ubot exe files.
  4. Hey Secretus you have just made a thundering observation there. I have been battling with the dropdown issue, see other posts, which I am sure is connected to the dot net issues and C+. I created a tiny compiled Ubot dropdown and installed it on a brand new Windows Pro Virtual machine. It did not run at all, it hung. I then installed the C++ x86 disto, and it runs. It still has the bug mind you, but it runs. Does this mean that despite the "downloading support files" part of a client installation of an exe file, it STILL WILL NOT WORK unless we ask the client to do this rather technical step
  5. There is a Windows update for 4.8 https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4576947/kb4576947-cumulative-update-for-net-framework My problems started after this update on all Versions from 6.0.1 up to 6.2.7. Do you have this Update installed? The other more worrying thing you might like to try, is whether your apps still run on a new Windows Home install (maybe from the cloud to test). None of mine that use dropdowns do anymore. In other words, if your clients do not have the right Windows setup, maybe an new one like this, your app will fail. It has nothing t do with whether they run on
  6. As you know Bud, I have installed Ubot from scratch on a completely new clean Windows machine, sent you the video, and it replicates the bug. When you sent me your setup, I noted you had not updated your Windows since August. There is a dot net 3.5 and 4.8 Windows update on the 9th of September which co-insides with my problem. You might like to ensure that your system is up to date too. Or you could do as I suggested and test on a completed new totally up to date Windows Home or Pro and prove this matter one way or another. By doing this almost everything you have suggested to me about uninst
  7. Great, could you tell me what you think might be the reason that I still have the dropdown problem? What version of Windows do you have and is it completely up to date? My problem seems to have stated after a Windows update on the 9th of September where thy played around with dot net.
  8. I have 6.2.7...I am battling with the dropdown issue on top of this, Can anyone confirm that the dropdown issue is unresolved, Ubot tech support tell me I am the ONLY person who has brought this to their attention. I was fine with v 6.0.1 . Has anyone got dropdowns working again????
  9. It seems this bug is either back or never went away. I am in touch with support who have said that I appear to be the only one who has complained. So I am looking for others who can tell them this is not the case as it seems they do not seem to think it exists. My story is this, I had 6.0.1 and was working on a client project 3 weeks ago when all of a sudden for absolutely no reason the dropdowns, checkboxes and buttons stopped working properly. I was told to pay for upgrades which I did, and I am now on 6.2.7. It is still there. My guess since they do not acknowledge the bug is that it eff
  10. How did you get to add an extension in Ubot? I need to do the same thing.
  11. Very good reply, very helpful. I am having a problem that may or may not be connected. I have tried to use the compile installer option available in the developer edition but have never got it to work. I was fairly amazed to see that that file is about 130 megs when the exe file is only 15 meg. So now after reading this I assume that it is downloading the 100 meg + of files that you mention here. What I did not appreciate is that if I send the non-installer exe file to a client, the first time he runs it, it will be nothing like the experience I have when I run it. Glad I know that, so I c
  12. All OK. Downloaded another copy (same version I might say) from support site (for updates) and repaired the install and all is OK. Since I had the same issue on 2 PCs it makes me think that the version I downloaded was not the same one, even though it was also labelled 6.04. Anyway, for anyone else who thinks their US is playing up, this is what I did. I also wanted to get updates, but the payment gateway is down for PayPal and for CC payments which was a bit worrying.
  13. This setup (see attached image) , with no code at all, just 2 tabs and two text boxes, takes 25 seconds to move form one tab to the other! I have just removed all plugins too, no different.
  14. I have always assumed that once a bot was compiled the the time lag moving from one menu tab to another would go. But it doesn't. I have a very basic UI in each tab, one text field in one, a text box in another and moving from tab to tab takes over 15 seconds..and the another 15 seconds to go back. Is this normal? It is the first time I have used a UI in tabs for a client project, but I could not possibly deliver an app this slow. The app exe file also takes ages to load for the first time. It seems that rendering the UI is all too much. I have tried both the UI commands and the UI editor.
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