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  1. I can get the code for invisible recaptcha v2 with 2captcha.com + plugin.. but my target site is not the traditioanl format 2 captcha explain,, I want to get the input area to solve captcha Is there anyone who can solve this? target site is band.us to join what I did until now.. add list to list(%Debug,$list from text($plugin function("Advanced Captcha.dll", "$2captcha.com recaptcha", "access key", "6Lf7sxwUAAAAAMCZndbhrzZ8ybi7JY-fGLIZmHAF", "https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/bframe?hl=ko&v=npGaewopg1UaB8CNtYfx-y1j&k=6Lf7sxwUAAAAAMCZndbhrzZ8ybi7JY-fGLIZmHAF
  2. namstery21

    smspva api

    I'm looking for the person who can make api connection of smspva with ubot. if you can help, plz send me your contact info.
  3. If I get this captcha code, what is the regualr expressions for choosing only 2th line,,, I want to get 7rb94 only,, Anyone to help me? Captcha ID: 60314779027 7rb94
  4. When alert poped up, is there anyway to make a sound to see alarm? Any help?
  5. I used the large list like this.. plugin command("Bigtable.dll", "Add item to large list", "big_list", #dream) but It did not work.. What is the pre-word for large list like $ or % or something?
  6. Great service and advice... Thanks..
  7. plz give me just 1 sample code of using large list...
  8. When I scrape something, it just stopped sometimes when i exceed 10,000 strings of list. So I just tried the large list function.. I downloaded it somewhere but I can't find it from.. Is the large list total same with just list function? When I use "%", I think it is not working.. What do I use large list to define?
  9. I don't know javascript but maybe they hide something.. here it is... <script type="text/javascript">function callbackRecaptcha(token) {if(bandAuth.recaptcha.verifyRecaptchaResponse() == false) {bandAuth.recaptcha.reset();return false;} var form = document.getElementById('email_sign_up_form');onSubmit(form);} bandAuth.recaptcha = {isDone : false, execute : function() {grecaptcha.execute();}, reset : function() {grecaptcha.reset();}, verifyRecaptchaResponse : function() {var response = grecaptcha.getResponse();if(response.length == 0) {return false;}bandAuth.recaptcha.isDone = true;retu
  10. Thank you for kind answer... but is this right? Maybe something wrong..with me.. I don't know before captcha image appear, it is solved or after captcha shown, does we solve it?
  11. I send pm.. plz check.. thanks a lot.
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