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  1. I got an email last week offering 87$ for the year as my free 3 month sub is about to run out. So maybe they mail these out to everybody just before your subscriptions run out.
  2. Me Too, will go ahead and upgrade from standard to dev if ubot has a black friday special.
  3. Here is supports answer to my question. Question: Will i be able to use ubot 4 when ubot 5 comes out and can i have them both installed on the same computer? Answer: Seems like you can keep 4.0 and 5.0 on your computer and use them both as long as your paying the monthly fee to get ubot 5.0.
  4. If your on the email list I believe Seth sent something out indicating if you convince somebody to buy ubot, he will give you a free upgrade to pro version. This might have been 3 or 4 weeks ago and Im not sure how the offer was structured but I think he just said email him with details prior to having your friend make the purchase. This is not a coupon for him, but at least you will get a free upgrade. Then again shows u have Dev version so i wasted my time making this post . Maybe it will help somebody else.
  5. Yeah standard to Dev upgrade is $297 so $148 discount that's a pretty good for such an innovative software.
  6. You guys are making me feel like i need to upgrade. The 33% off coupon I got is enticing just wish i had more time spent with learning the features in the standard edition, but i might take the plunge anyway. I saw a UI video on the new ubot 5dev version and wondered if the UI builder is powerful enough to replace the ones users are currently buying from 3rd parties or if they have there own unique features that still stand out from the one ubot5 dev version will have.
  7. Debating about getting the upgrade myself. Haven't spent as much time learning the standard features or being certain I will stick with ubot to pay $300 for DEV yet, went to the coupon link but couldn't pull the trigger. Wish i knew when the coupon will expire.
  8. I think im fighting an uphill and losing battle on this because so many ubot users are marketers. My point of view is that I shouldn't have to block them, this forum is setup to help ubot users, not affiliates, not people selling ubot related products so I dont think any advertising slots is owed to them regardless of if they are helpful or not. I do think it should be fine that they plug ubot related products in sigs/posts when relevant, but that is not nearly as important as remaining focused on helping users learn ubot. The way sigs work in a standard forum should not be compared to the ubo
  9. This year I am trying to get some skills unrelated to IM so I dont have to rely on my programmer so much, so far im happy with http://www.udemy.com they seem to have a large selection of courses (not only programming related) you can take. Don't pay full price for courses, you can always find a 50% off coupon, and at times 90% of specific courses. So far im happy with the few courses I have taken, but still reference youtube as there is so much learning material on there its one of the best (although unorganized) learning resources. I might check out the sites mentioned above (although i think
  10. Yeah, maybe TJ wasn't who I should have used as an example because I know he's one of the most helpful guys, but I saw his sig as i was posting, and it wasn't really to target him, just was pointing out how annoying it is to see these large sigs. If this was a forum that didn't have a software/product I purchased tied directly to it I wouldn't feel the same. I do agree that he should be able to plug his products in the forum sigs, and even in post's when the topic is relevant for him to plug them. I have seen his post's and he's very good at helping people and tying in his free/pay products in
  11. I thought that was the case and did a copyscape on it right after I saw the post but found no dupes and didn't feel like putting in more time to find were he pinched if from, and this was from an active forum member.. This is a perfect example why affiliate links shouldn't be allowed in post's and possibly sigs. It motivates odd/bad behavior and screws up the focus of the forum because affiliate marketers are an annoying bunch that will always push the rules envelope. Thats fine, just go do it on your own sites or the plethora of forums filled with people that didn't' buy ubot. I mean even
  12. Wise decision and will help me at least from having to sift threw and decipher the credibility of posts. I think no affiliate links should ever be placed in in forum like this (except ubot specific help products in sigs). I have come across posts like this 3 or 4 times sense I have been a member, and it does cheapen the forum and the main product, When many users have spent 700+ extra's+(29$ a month) already they dont want to have to do an investigation into posters motives in order to get some good info to learn a product they have already paid for, and still paying for. I dont have to spen
  13. Update On This Issue: Windows xp had new updates today, (rare to have them only 2 days apart) and after installing them I can now compile bots just like i use to, and all the bots with missing .exe extensions now have them and open normally.
  14. It also happened to every bot I have on my PC, not just ones I created but those other people created and those don't have any dots in them. My strongest suspicion is the windows xp auto update done yesterday, but it is strange that it only effects ubot apps that i can tell right now.
  15. Thanks for pointing that out. I did change the file to build1.0.exe and that allowed the bot to open. This means I have to add the .exe to all bots created, and ones already on my computer, witch isn't a big deal, but would like ubot to do this as it did before. for now looks like adding this when saving the compiled bot is the solution. http://s22.postimg.org/4ezq81kxt/save_compiled_bot.png photo storage
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