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"evaluate" qualifier... Is it possible to have it "=" multiple values?

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Here's the background.


I'm making a bot that will loop 50 times. I'd like the bot to pause after every 10 loops. One way I thought to do this was:


(1) create a variable (#loop) that increments by 1 on each successful loop.

(2) At the beginning of each loop would be an IF (evaluate variable #loop) THEN (pause)


For this to work, I need the "evaluate" node to be #loop = "10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50". Is this possible? Can I enter multiple values into the "second value" field?




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You could do something like this, if evaluate #loop = #number then inc #number inc #number inc #number inc #number inc #number inc #number inc #number inc #number inc #number inc #number,

if #loop = 50 then pause script,

pause script

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