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  1. There is no refund policy. You agreed to no refunds when you bought it. Of course, you didn't know what you were buying, you didn't read the Terms and Conditions, you don't know PayPal's policy on software sales, and you probably didn't understand how to use MPP which is why you experienced so little success. At the end of the day, the software can't make up for an incompetent user. You're not sorry. You're a jerk who got a refund he didn't deserve, and then decided to go trash the guy who made an exception for him. MPP is not junk. I personally know someone who makes 1000s of dolla
  2. If the js is in the body code, disable it. If that isn't the case, change the id of the second field, input your data and submit. If that doesnt work, change the id, input your data, change the id back, and see if the data sticks, then submit. hth
  3. That "appears" good to me. You should use the UI Monitor to report those variables as they resolve. You can institute delays between nodes to give the stat monitors time to update. It may help you track down the issue. Sorry I can't be more help, I'm not much of a js whiz. I can read what you wrote, but I am not sure how to improve it, or what specific details might be incorrect.
  4. That feature is not available at this time.
  5. I'm guessing that when you nav, the javascript engine has to reload. You should store the start time in a variable, then you won't have to worry about losing it in your js function.
  6. Can you trigger the update widget javascript from a Run Javascript command?
  7. I would have told him he can run it and play farmville all day, for the low price of case of beer.
  8. Yeah, that is what I couldn't make out. Cheers Dave. Great post.
  9. What is that first shell command? I can't make it out clearly.
  10. You're not an idiot. You are entitled to better documentation.
  11. You could, but it would be easier to write out a separate status log.
  12. That's somewhat vague. How much data. Can we browse to another page to show the data, or do you want to overlay it on the currentpage? Much more detail is needed pls.
  13. You need to use regex, since I don't think the replace function supports doing this without regex. One way is to strip /? and everything after it. The / escapes the ? because ? is a special character in regex. By putting / before ? it is telling the function to treat ? like a regular character and not like a special character. Another thing you might be able to do is to strip html and everything after it (if html is always the file type) and then add html back on. This insures you get all trailing variables however they are attached, including anchors like index.html#contact. I'm not
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