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  1. +1 for multiple useragents. There's a popular FB bot that is apparently getting flagged from it's users using the same useragent spoof.
  2. OK, here is where it gets really really weird. If i click and run each node separately, I can get this to work. If I run the bot, then it doesn't work and in addition I get a premature "Your changes have been saved" facebook message. The critical node "send keys field chosen"/[$new line] -when run as part of the bot- seems to act differently versus independently clicking the node and running the node. To further illustrate this, I inserted a "pause script" command right before the "send keys field chosen"/[$new line]. I ran the bot, and after it paused I manually clicked and ran the "se
  3. Hi, I'm running into a problem with facebook. I want to use Ubot to enter field selections into http://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=interests When you do this manually, you would (1) type in a selection in a field -for example type in "Shakira" in Music +[enter]-, then that selection would be temporarily saved. After you type in all your selections, you would (2) click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page and then get a facebook message "Your changes have been saved" ---------- When I try doing this in UBot, any selection I make in (1) does not get temporaril
  4. gproxy

    New and Stuck

    "I am creating a bot to auto register email accounts on Yahoo" daryl, After about 8 accounts yahoo will ghost your IP and you will see all kinds of crazy things like captcha requests occuring even after correct captchas were input. Clearing cookies etc won't help. Also, for the most part, Ubot documentation is minimal. IMO the only way to gain proficiency with Ubot is find bots that have already been posted and mess around with the code.
  5. Hi Andy, Thanks, the tip about setting a default when the ui text box is empty is a nice temp solution. When setting up the If(evaluate qualifier)/then check, using value 1 = value 2 where value 2 = $nothing works great. Also found you can just set value 2 = an empty string value. Thanks
  6. gproxy


    By default, ccleaner will wipe out everything. It has an option -that I never used- to exclude "files, folder and registry entries".
  7. Hi, I'm using a UI text box to allow a user to set a variable value for a time delay in the script. Is there a method to insert a default value into that ui text box? Thanks.
  8. Hi, In the latest Ubot I noticed an attribute choice of "coords" which I assume is coordinates. Is this function documented anywhere? If it is page coordinates, is there a way to input x/y data? When I select "coords" for a page element, the search string box is not giving any values. Thanks
  9. Here's the background. I'm making a bot that will loop 50 times. I'd like the bot to pause after every 10 loops. One way I thought to do this was: (1) create a variable (#loop) that increments by 1 on each successful loop. (2) At the beginning of each loop would be an IF (evaluate variable #loop) THEN (pause) For this to work, I need the "evaluate" node to be #loop = "10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50". Is this possible? Can I enter multiple values into the "second value" field? Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm thinking of making a bot utilizing private proxies. ("Change Proxy" then "Set Proxy Credentials") Is there a function to stop the bot if there is some error with logging into the proxy or a timeout or say the proxy info is just wrong? My worry is the proxy login fails but the bot continues on unmasking the native IP Thanks
  11. So the node= "send keys chosen field" and sub parameters= "$new line" ?
  12. Thanks, the mobile site makes the remove button visible and simple to click. To get better at uBot, I'd still like to give a shot at this sub window solution. Using the main uBot browser window, I found the position attribute for the wall status (topmost post) remove/delete button. I created a sub window where I inserted instructions to navigate to the Profile wall page url, then click the remove/delete button (for the topmost post) via the position attribute info from above. The part I get stuck on now is when the facebook delete confirmation window appears in the sub window. How do I
  13. This behavior is strange and I had it verified by 1 other person so far. To see the problem, just log into your facebook account from within the uBot browser. From within the ubot browser, if you try to remove/delete a status update from your wall, you will be redirected to your homepage. What should happen upon clicking "remove" is that a confirmation window should appear. Instead, in the uBot browser, you will see the confirmation window briefly flash then get redirected to your homepage. Anybody have an idea on how to work around this to delete a Wall status update?
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