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  1. I think he is asking about how to send it. Either use fill field $new line or choose the text field by attribute and then use send keys chosen $newline
  2. Haha yeah, things like that are so hard to catch but it's really why I love botting! Haha
  3. Yeah. This is pretty much how it is. And cervant41: I don't think that would really hold. I mean imagine just sorting out where all the variable goes etc. It would just be insanely time consuming!
  4. If bruteforce is enabled, then the picture is moved so a screenshot of it is taken more correctly (usually) I have no idea why it would change in a compiled bot though, are there some kind of javascript on the page messing it all up?
  5. Hey! 1. No. 2. No, UBot does only work with IE. 3. No flash here, might come in the future if enough customers are asking for it. 4. Yes, pretty much all our users have made bots like that 5. Yes, we have a few ones built in, decaptcher ITT and bypasscaptcha. But you can also send captchas through web interfaces like beatcaptcha i.e.. 6. You'll get free updates for a year, after that you only have to pay a very tiny sum for each month in order to get the updates. And UBot Underground has been put on ice at the moment. It should be removed where it says that it's included.
  6. Yeah how are your network configured?
  7. Use a 'while' or subs run sub 1 sub 1 If choose by attribute 'next' then run sub 1 Just make sure that the website eventually runs out of 'next' buttons, or else you'll hit a stackoverflow!
  8. Well it's rather nasty to fix. Some countries will always need it, using numbers in the secret question will also mess it up. Too weird information in general will probably set it off. I haven't played around with it too much since it's just a mess all over for me
  9. You can also read the whole txt into a list using read file, and then change chosen attribute, next list item.
  10. choose the window by attribute, send keys chosen {1}, $new line And if that doesn't work, try compiling the bot so that the javascript hooks get released. Facebook is usually quite bitchy about that.
  11. Try compile the bot and see if anything changes.
  12. Tried both with and without bruteforce on the image?
  13. If thats the case then compile the bot or run your code in a subwindow
  14. Do you get the JS error inside ubot when you click manually?
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