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I Want Request New Bot If Someone Can Make It

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Hello forum users, iam new here!


I wanna request simple traffic bot with captcha solver runing Like " traffic click botz " if you know it but i need captcha solver option on it!


if that not possible.. can i find good devloper make this bot for me and i'll pay, because i research in google and nothing!


bot must work with SSH,PROXY,HMA multi browsers agents.... ect



Thanks for reading!


Houssem eddine,


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Thanks for replying , but all these two bots has no Captcha solvers (Solvemedia or captcha images) and they don't support "SSH proxy" (username;pass,port) ..

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organic traffic supports public proxy and private proxy (with password and login)

they are looking for the long tail on a dedicated keyword, a referrer list of your choice + the top 50 list of google search on the chosen keyword + the top 50 list of google news on the same keyword + the list social networks (viadeo, linkedin, pinterest ...) always on the same keyword, it then sends random visits from all these sites in referrer with a maximum choice of google visits on the various keywords, in short as natural tours that please google.

and of course multi user agent and multi screen resolution !

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I would like a bot to create connections on LinkedIn and then respond when a connection is made. Has anyone made one I can have?

Send me an email to the before mentioned email address admin at botguru.net 

with the specifics of what you want and I can certainly quote it for you

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