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Plugin For Php Or Web Versions Of Our Ubot Bots

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Has any Ubot developer ever thought of making a php plugin for Ubot ?

This is where the plugin would read our Ubot code and then spit out php code. That way we can make php versions or web versions of our .exe bots. It won't be hard for you plugin experts to build it if you know php 7. You can replace the Ubot/compiled bot's UI with html UIs and so don't let that worry you or confuse you.

You might make a lot of sales! The plugin, however, has to be able to convert every single bot we make into php or web version.


I am trying to create web versions of my Ubot compiled bots but I do not know php 7 or php. Therefore, if any Ubotters here are interested in building web versions of your bots then LIKE this post as it would influence someone to build it.

Look at it this way. A lot of people are wary to install computer softwares (.exe). If you build a web version here each user is given an account (membership) then they'd login everyday to use it. You can place ads on the member pages and earn money. Plus, you can save yourself from others sharing copies without your permission! You can one day sell your membership site due to lots of free or paid users and make money that way! Maybe $millions!

I can think of many reasons a web version would bring Ubotters new income in a variety of ways! What-about you ?


If converting all Ubot Commands & Functions to php 7 version is gonna be a nightmare then how-about the most used and important ones ? Just a handful, like 10-15 Commands and 20-30 Functions. If any developer is interested I can give a list but I guess you expert enough to realize which ones you use the most. Now, don't you ?


The php 7 bot can look like this ....


UIs on top frame while the browser that shows bot activity is in an iFrame. I think we are getting ideas now and getting somewhere. Correct ? I hope that is helpful to a plugin developer how to get things rolling!

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It is a shame that Ubotters hardly prowl this forum. In 2 yrs time this forum will be dead.

hahaha!... some other sad sack probably said the same thing 4 years ago! ha!

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In theory its a great idea, but majroity of ubot users like things such as changing proxy ip's and web app would not do that I dont think.

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