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[FREE] Captcha Breaking Plugin for Ubot

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Free Captcha Breaking Plugin for Ubot Studio

I added 2 services for now , i will work on adding more!
You can hard code your details easily with this plugin !

Services Included :

  • Image Decorders
  • Image Typerz

Click Here to download it




Click Here For Direct Download

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how do i tell the plugin what image i want it to solve? what command do i use under image?


you need to save the image locally first then upload it

under image you need to navigate to the image saved in your hard drive

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Wow Aymen you're a mage :) i have subscribed and submitted but no download in the confirmation email nor download link... :( can someone please send me a link for this plugin? pls pls pls


edit: thank you Aymen!

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This is an awesome plugin. Thanks for giving it for free to the community.


Is it possible to add the manual captcha option to this plugin? This will give us the option to switch to manual captcha if it fails x amount of times.

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Hi Aymen


Have you done any plugin yet to work with GSA Captcher Breaker by any chance?




nope , but i may consider making some function for GSA captcha breaker !

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Can you expmlain more what this plugin does? I dont understand it, we have decaptcha and bypasscaptcha nad other captcha services that we need to pay. So is this plugin going to solve captchas for free? Hardly believe it will, but then again what is this plugin about? Sorry for lack of my knowledge but i dont understand it and maybe if you give us more detailed description of the plugin i will use it and say aymen man.


P.S. only words i understand is captcha and free and i  very interested.

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