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  1. If I create a table or list in a thread, is that local to that thread or global? I have a multi threaded bot that scrapes a page and stores stuff in a temp list to compare it to a known value I'm looking for. The issue is I think the temp table is being overwritten by the other threads so the compare fails because its now being compared to some other threads expected outcome. IF its global and not local, how can I get around that? I don't see how I can generate a random table/list name and know what to use later?
  2. I have scraped an html table with as many as 100 rows with 5 columns. Practically everything I have been trying treats the entire table as one variable. For instance, I'm able to write the table to a file. What I want to be able to do is loop through each row, one by one and explode out the row to 5 variables: cell1, cell2, cell3, cell4, cell5. I then want to use these (while still remaining in the loop for this row) in a SQL query: INSERT INTO db_table (col1, col2, col3, col4, col5) VALUES ('cell1', 'cell2', 'cell3', 'cell4', 'cell5') Seems very simple but I can't quite make this happen
  3. Hi there, does anyone know if there is any existing plugin that enables to convert UBot table data into JSON? Similar to this: http://www.developerdan.com/table-to-json/
  4. Hello, I want to output a table that gets the values from a database in the interface of the bot, and after that, the rows can be clicked so I can get the the value of a row. For example I might have a list of emails accounts in a database table, can I output them like a table in the bots interface, and then select an email as a sender and another one as a receiver just by clicking at them? Also, another thing that would be good if I could achieve it, is a searching function. For example if I could type some characters, hit on search and I get a list of the emails that mach that combinatio
  5. I'm trying to add this google keyword planner csv file into ubot so I can use as a table. Attached to this post is the csv file I want to add to ubot. In ubot when I "create the table from csv file", the table data turns to unreadable characters and so its all messed up. If I open the csv file in notepad, I see that the data is separated by tabs rather than commas. So if I go to excel and save this csv file as a comma delimited txt file, then I am able to create the table from csv file in ubot. Is there a way to directly add the csv file (downloaded directly from google keyword planner
  6. Hey there, The other day I was migrating a bot from ui html panel to the browser (Small interface). I had to push the contents of a table with multiple rows and columns to a JS variable in the browser. Thats where my problems started. Spent whole night debugging and wondering whats the problem turning the whole bot upside down, you know the thrill.Funny stuff because the whole problem was because of a single character. Ubot &table puts a strange new line character and Javascript does not like that character. navigate("http://www.tutorialspoint.com/html/html_tables.htm","Wait") scrape t
  7. I am attempting to scrape data from multiple website pages into a list, then add that list to a table. The problem I am having is that some items are missing from some pages, the bot then goes to the next page and continues scraping. Then when the list is posted to the table those missing values causes the data not to line up in the correct row as the missing values are not skipped in the table. So the question is, how do I put in a placeholder for the spots when I scrape something that is not actually there. If you can't tell, this is completely new to me. Thanks for your help. define
  8. http://77thcloud.com/amazingtables/salesthread/all.jpg The tables created are displayed in the browser only Uses Aymen's File Management Plugin, it's Free. Requires pash's Advance Dialog Plugin to use the Context Menu, Dropdown Option and Hide Column features http://77thcloud.com/amazingtables/salesthread/buy.jpg NOTE: If you have purchased the Dynamic Table Creator then let me know the paypal email you purchased it with to upgrade to this one for free. See post below for Tutorial Videos...
  9. hi, I have two list of keywords, and i want to search for all possible variations, how is this done best? example: list 1:keyword 1keyword 2keyword 3 list 2:city 1city 2city 3 searches:keyword 1 city 1keyword 1 city 2keyword 1 city 3keyword 2 city 1keyword 2 city 2etc etc Note: list 2 could be empty for a list of regular searches.. Next step would be to scrape X urls per keyword combination and add it to a table:keyword combo, url, domainkeyword combo, url, domain>> lets say X=50, then the keyword combo would repeat 50 times, with 50 different urls, before heading to the next keyword
  10. http://77thcloud.com/dynamictables/salesthread/header.png No longer for sale... Click Here to see "Amazing Tables" my new improved Table creator with advanced features!
  11. It would be greatly appreciated if you take part in the poll, cheers, Darryl. If you need a datagrid/table for your bot, but can't find anything that does all that you require, then this might be for you. I will build you a "Custom Table", according to your personal requirements, that you can display either in your UI(ui html panel) or in a ui html window. For the first 2 people to apply only. To apply notify me of your interest in this thread and I will contact you via PM. Please only apply if you do require a table, thanks. Default Table Features: click column headers to sort table
  12. Hello, I'm trying to create a list from table...here is my code. create table from file(\\Untitled.csv", &BackLinks) add list to list(%BacklinksNumber, $plugin function("TableCommands.dll", "$list from table", &BackLinks, "Row", 0), "Delete", "Global") For some strange reason it only returns a few of the numbers in row 0, see the image below. But if I put the numbers in my CSV as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 it works correctly. Edit: Solved it, had to change it no delete duplicates...
  13. So I have an excel document with a column of domains and a column of passwords for the word press account for that domain: domain 1 password 1 domain 2 password 2 etc I've added that excel spreadsheet to Ubot and turned it into 2 lists: %Domains and %Passwords I've created a script that will navigate to the /wp-admin website extension for each domain (This may be where the problem is, not sure), log in, update plug-ins, update wp and log out. That's in a loop function that should cycle through the domain list until all of the domains' wp and plug-ins are updated. ...Howev
  14. I was trying to find a way to save a table into a csv file. is it possible? or I will need to wirte a function for that? Thanks JG
  15. Hi there, I need assistance for a customer. Goal ist to scrape a range of URLs for table entries and store its rows in a CSV (Step1) or even better to insert them directly into some mysql tables. (Step2) Page result example to scrape: http://www.fn-neon.de/Turniere/60344/Ergebnisse/1069537/ErgebnisseEinerPruefung.html First number in path corespond to event to scrape, second number to part of the event. Concerning events and their entries itself can determined by searching from 16.9.2012 up to today in http://www.fn-neon.de/Turniersuche/index.html Has someone interest in doing this job
  16. Hey guys Im new here and just got started with ubot. I can defenitly see the potential here. It was a little overwelming at first but I can do atleast simple stuff now. Im stuck at getting proxies to work from a table and I cant find this anywhere. Ive downloaded the proxy script that works from lists and try to conver it into table but it doesnt work. My csv file looks like this email,password,IP:port Im trying to setup a loop where it goes basically goes into the private proxy signs into the account and does its own things. I have tried several variations but I keep getting the NO SuPP
  17. I have a list of keywords and results. I want to delete everything in the second column from the word "results" onward. I can't seem to figure out how to select that portion of the strings since they are not always exactly the same. Is there some sort of wildcard I can do or anything? Any help would be greatly appreciated! For reference, here's a screencap of the table: http://i42.tinypic.com/10e36ma.jpg
  18. I have a table with 50 rows (a screencap of part of it is below). I have another csv file that states how many visits a writer averages on his/her posts. Basically I need to set a variable called #rate that will correspond to the range that the person falls under. For instance, if the person averages 200 visits per post, then #rate will equal $1.50. I need it to loop through a csv of users to calculate each one and add them all to a new list. I'm not sure how to go about it without manually setting each range as a separate if statement, and I feel like there must be a smarter and easier w
  19. I have a bot that needs to scrape the seconds (#s), minutes (#m) or hours (#h) that is listed on the first 15 search results. It just won't save the times properly at all-I can't get them separated into separate rows or do a replace to add in commas or anything. I'm very stuck-what am I doing wrong? Here is my code: clear list(%search term) clear list(%times) navigate("https://twitter.com/search-home", "Wait") type text(<id="search-home-input">, "puppy", "Standard") click(<class="button btn primary-btn submit selected search-btn">, "Left Click", "No") wait for element(<titl
  20. I have an HTML table that is generated using ubot. Now I want the bot to go through a specific column in the table and, if a cell contains only the word "yes", change the background color of that cell to green. Conversely, if the cell contains only the word "no", I want the cell background to change to red. Any ideas regarding how how to go about this would be greatly appreciated! I have some coding experience (JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery mobile, PHP, etc.) but I'm very new to ubot. For reference, here is my current ubot code: clear table(&my table) clear list(%rows) clear list(%comp
  21. How can I go through a column of a csv and delete all instances of a letter-even when it is part of a word? For example, remove every instance of the letter "E"? Here is what I have tried: set table cell(&my table, #row_num, 2, $replace($table cell(&my table, #row_num, 2), "Â", $nothing)) increment(#row_num)
  22. I'm creating a bot that goes through a list of URLs in one column, saves the fastest suggested route in google maps to the next column, and then saves a screenshot of the map to the third column. I'm having the hardest time trying to save an image to a table cell. Is there any way to go about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here is my code: navigate("maps.google.com", "Wait") click(<id="d_launch">, "Left Click", "No") create table from file("C:\\Users\\Katelynn\\Desktop\\addresses.txt", &my table) set(#row_num, 0, "Global") clear list(%places) loop($table total ro
  23. I'm trying to search a table and find all instances of a string within a specific column and replace them with nothing. For instance: search Column 1 and replace all instances of the word "mile" with nothing, but keep everything else that is in the cell. How would I go about doing that? Thank you in advance.
  24. Hello, I don't seem to be able to get uBot to process a table with 30k rows. When I set to load the file and add the data to the table, it keeps chewing memory until it hits 3.5gb and still doesn't show the data in debugger. I've tried with a table with 1000 and 2000 rows and that works fine. I used Zennoposter before moving to uBot and it didn't have this issue. Is this is a know issue? bug? limitation? Thanks, Lizzard
  25. hello, im having this problem, a i have created 2 lists of information (more on the way), i want to add to table as separate columns. the only problem is, when i set first "add list to table as column" coordinates to row 0 column 0, and second "add list to table as column" coordinates to row 0 column 1, it just ignores the coordinates and put everything in one column, separated with comma. its bothering me a lot because it is really important for me to have this in order. thank you very much for any help. i have standard edition version 4.1 up to date.
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